Bad Representatives hindering Ondo East growth —NGO’s Ogunmoyero laments

The Chief Executive Officer of OJ Movement of Liberation in Ondo East Local Government, Mr. John Ogunmoyero, has expressed dissatisfaction over bad representation of the local government both in the state and Federal level.

Ogunmoyero appealed to the state Governor, Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu for his urgent intervention by calling those involving to order before things get out of hands.

According to findings, about 10 Wards in Ondo East have been suffering drastic set back from all the leaders representing them in government because they failed in carrying out the responsibilities that placed on them.

Ogunmoyero, said the situation in Ondo East was frustrating, as they can not point to a single project from the State/Federal Government in the local government.

“In fact, we didn’t feel any impact of the government in terms of infrastructural development.”

According to him, ” we do not have good leaders representing the good people of Ondo East LG, all the 10 wards under the local government are suffering, meanwhile, we voted them in to represent our interest, we elected them in to bring development to the local government, but we get nothing back from them, selfishness had made them lost their consciences.”

“We have Representatives at the Federal level which is Member House of Representative (MHR), we have in the state level which is Member House of Assembly (MHA), even to the local level which is chairman, but all these leaders representing us failed to perform their constitutional right on the good people of the Council. All their audio promises had failed. “

Ogunmoyero, added that “the whole Local government, the council, has been without electricity for over 15 years without any solutions in sight. Children and teachers were denied the opportunity of using modern technology in teaching and learning, no good road, no support for the farmers, and for the youths.

“Despite all our supports to all these leaders in getting to the position they now occupy, we cannot point to a single project of the state/federal government or feel the impact of the government in terms of development what has been our offence?”

“The only Federal Government Girls College that was approved for Ondo East local government council was taken away, are we not eligible to have all this good things in the council.

However, the CEO, congratulated Gov. Akeredolu, on his inauguration for his second term in office and appealed to him to come to their rescue and look into the challenges for the community in terms of infrastructures, youth development and community development which would be appreciated.

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