Breaking: 70% of Ondo Local Govt Workers don’t come to office —Council Boss

By: Oluwatosin Adesola

Only 30% of the local government workers in Ondo state usually come to work while 70% of them are absent from their duty posts; SUNSHINETRUTH can report.

This was the declaration of the Executive Chairman of Ifedore local government, Engr Alex Oladimeji, while featuring on a State Television (OSRC) programme this morning in Akure, the state capital.

Oladimeji said, “You know I will say it the way I see things, I will not lie to you, our people don’t come to work, only about 30% of them come regularly, absentism is common. We are trying our best to correct such trend but their ogas (directors/HODs) in the office shield them; they don’t report them for disciplinary actions.

According to Oladimeji, direct supervising officers of the staff who are absent on their duty posts usually shield them from disciplinary actions or punishment by not querying or reporting them to appropriate authorities.

He lamented that efforts to apply the rules against the erring workers usually end up in community or political leaders intervening as they see such punishment as witchhunting due to grassroots nature of the local government system.

“May be no enough target for the workers that is why they feel they can come (to work) when they like. The process of paying them (salaries) is also encouraging them to be absent from work, they paid them through REMITTA,” Oladimeji opined.

He said he had admonished the workers of his own local government to change for good this year, adding that 18 local government chairmen are working hard to ensure sanity is restored in the system.

Oladimeji said his administration was paying greater attention to agriculture for the empowerment of his people.

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