Ondo: Options before Miyetti Allah members as Amotekun gets stronger


No amount of name dropping of Gov. Akeredolu by Alhaji Saleh Alhassan, the secretary of Miyetti Allah cattle breeders association, can change the minds of the terrorised Yoruba people.


The Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association will not stop to amaze people with its members’ unrealistic perceptions of the directives given by the executive governor of Ondo state. Apart from the wide acceptability of the directives ( in tandem with Nigeria constitution) by the Ondo state citizens across the various political divides and religious beliefs, Mr. governor is now being seen as a hero by both Ondo state indigenes and Yorubas in general.

The heroic aspects of Mr. governor’s directives are on both sides i.e on the side of the nation, these have prevented ethnic crisis between Fulani herdsmen and the residents of the state ( both indigenes and non indigenes).

The miscreants among these Fulanis are daily giving their host communities within the state sleepless nights. On the part of Ondo state indigenes, the directives have given them the sense of responsible government which they can trust, therefore, this has prevented non state individuals in the state from taking laws into their hands against the terrorising Fulani killer herdsmen like what happened in Oyo State recently.

It is a pity that the security architecture of the country has been compromised to the extent that no state is safe in entire Northern region, courtesy of Fulani killer herdsmen and their elder brothers( Boko Haram).

How I wish the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo was alive today to see the realities of his predictions over the north region because of the neglects of the poor and education by their leaders through its archaic Feudal system.

The kidnappings in Northwest of Nigeria which have snowballed to banditry and the entire governors of Northern region are helpless in terms of securing their states, from Zamfara state, Kastina state, to recently kidnapped boys of Kagara College of Sciences, Kagara, Niger state. The only thing that is common to all these, is that they use forests for their nefarious activities.

Gov. Akeredolu has distinguished himself as a leader who has not lost touch with his people. Having gotten the security reports that all the killer herdsmen were hibernating in these forests of ours in the state, Mr. governor came with simple but logical directives, i.e banning child herders, registration of all people including herdsmen using our forests, proscribing night grazing , grazings on the highways and major roads of the state.

The recent outburst by the secretary of Miyetti Allah cattle breeders association, Alhaji Salah Alhassan, who accused Governor Akeredolu Oluwarotimi SAN, of Ondo state of being the brain behind Western Nigeria Security Network, popularly called Amotekun to kill Fulani tribesmen.

The entire allegations are falsehoods concorted by this drowning and shameless individual. To Ondo state indigenes, Alhaji Saleh Alhassan is seen as one of the beneficiaries of illicit proceeds of the kidnappings i.e ransoms paid by innocent citizens of the state, otherwise, he shouldn’t have been this pained , mostly when there is no record of death of any law abiding and harmless Fulani herdsmen in state. No indication whatsoever that any of the Fulani herdsmen was extrajudicially killed in the state so far after Mr. governor’s directives.


One of the directives by Ondo state government proscribes child herders, It is very obvious that the few privileged Northern leaders don’t want the poor ones to be freed mentally, they prefer to put them in mental slavery , so as to continue to have them at their beck and call, while in the southern part of Nigeria, the reverse is the case. In fact, most of the leaders of Southwest today came from ordinary parents in terms of social strata because of futuristic educational foundation laid by late Chief Obafemi Awolowo who was the mentor of present Ondo state governor.

In all fairness to Gov. Akeredolu, these child herders being used as cheap labor by their fathers instead of giving them quality education by tapping into the affordable educational programs of Gov. Akeredolu like other tribes in the state. These children are now the tools of kidnappings , rapings and killings in the state.

Also, another directive says the herdsmen using the forests should register with state government, in a critical analysis of this , it is not meant to attack anybody, in as much, Ondo state indigenes, Yorubas and other tribes that use these forests for farming registered with state government, why should Fulani herdsmen using these forests not register with government? Are they different from other tribes in Nigeria or better than Ondo state indigenes who also registered with state government?

Moreso, one of the directives prohibits grazings on major roads and night grazings. It has been noticed that these killer herdsmen would disguise with their cattle on the major roads to kidnap their victims and most of their activities were carried out at nights. All Mr. governor’s actions were purely based on security intelligence reports in the state.

The earlier the Miyetti Allah cattle breeders association realizes that Nigeria doesn’t belong to anybody but to everybody, the better for the association. From history, Yoruba people are not cowards and our forefathers never invaded other people’s territories but protected our God given lands successfully and this is exactly what Governor Akeredolu Oluwarotimi SAN is doing now.


Gov. Akeredolu Oluwarotimi SAN has not done anything wrong or ordered any ethnic cleanse under any guess, he is only living to his responsibilities as the sitting governor of Ondo state who swore the allegiance to Nigeria constitution of protecting Ondo state citizens who are his subjects.

Also, there is no vacating order against the Fulani tribesmen in Ondo state except the killer herdsmen among them. I can also assure Alhaji Saleh Alhassan that Amotekun is not against Fulanis but killer herdsmen in the state which are threats to even the few law abiding herdsmen in the state .

Ondo state indigenes and Yorubas will not fold their hands until school children are kidnapped in their various schools or turn any of Yoruba lands to southern Kaduna, Zamfara , Kastina or recently Niger state in terms of kidnappings and banditry.

Amotekun, Western Nigeria Security Network was championed by Gov. Akeredolu and other governors of the western region only for the security of everybody of the region including law abiding Fulani herdsmen and has the supports of all bonafide Oduduwa descendants both home and abroad , including our Obas.

The options before the Miyetti Allah cattle breeders association are either to advise their members who are into kidnappings, destruction of farm lands , raping and killings of innocent people of Ondo state vis a vis entire Yoruba to desist and continue their pastoral occupation within the laws of the land or relocate to other parts of the country where these nefarious activities can be tolerated, not again in Yoruba lands, Amotekun has come to stay.

*Dr. Akeredolu O.N, vice chairman, Aketi- Ayedatiwa, Medical Committee, 2020 campaign*

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