Unpaid workers’ salaries: Mimiko, Akeredolu’s records stir hornet’s nest


By Sunday Menukuro

It is no more news that Aketi is struggling to pay workers salary presently to the extent that he is still owing workers different degrees of salaries from one month to six months, depending on the sector one finds himself, and many months of deductions.

What needs to be put into consideration is that if Aketi can still be owing salaries in his first four years, certainly, if he wins second term, it will be hellish for the workers.

As much as Mimiko did in his first term to the extent that what he did under one year Aketi is not doing it in four years.

Yet, non payment of salaries in Mimiko’s second term was the major reason why PDP did not win in 2016. Even when it was not a deliberate intention of Mimiko not to pay salaries, yet, people voted against his candidate. The peoples belief now is that, it has become a taboo for a governor to be voted in for a second term.

I interfaced with some people in the state who were condemning second term for governor in Ondo state saying that “we were tempted to give MIMIKO a 2nd term because we thought he was different, but painfully, he disappointed us in the last 2 years of his 8 years, hell was let loose, Civil Servants, artisans, market men and women wept openly, it was a precarious and hopeless state of anarchy.”

I waded in to tell them the cause of non payments of salaries at that time, but all my attempts to convince them that it was not the cause of Mimiko but the excruciating economic reality that pervaded the whole world at that time, fell into their deaf ears.

They went further that the first 4 years of AKETI can be compared with the last 2 years of the 8 years of MIMIKO when recession was in vogue.

They said, Aketi is inconsiderate, wicked, his I don’t care attitude is unparalleled and that he has no feelings for anyone, except his family and in-law.

When, on my own, I critically analysed what these people said, I conclude that if things can be this bad in Aketi’s first term then, second term is a no go area for him and it will be too late to cry, when the head is off in the unlikely event that he wins.

Aketi will truly become invincible to programmes and projects of the state, Salaries would become secondary, Artisans would start wailing, Market men and women would lament uncontrollably.

Our constitutional institution will be turned to a nursery school where he will be passing orders at will and talk to them as he likes.

There and then, Ondo State people would realise that the colour of anarchy and frustration is RED. Pandemonium would be a regular visitor and centre would be in a state of palpable failure.

His second term can never be progressive, it won’t belong to the masses, the health, education, Agric, Sports sectors would be further impoverished.

This is the worst 1st term I have witnessed, the 2nd term would definitely spell DOOM…No state governor ever enjoyed 2nd term, except the amiable MIMIKO, who people believed later disappointed them in his last lap of the second term.

People should be reminded that the 6 months owed Ondo State by Mimiko’s administration were taken care of by the over N20B forcefully screened from MIMIKO and the 2 tranches of bailout received from the Federal government.

If not for the resistance of the workers union, Aketi would not have paid, in fact, the information was that he wanted to divert the fund then, but the labour union stood their ground.

The truth is, if things could be so tough at that time in the said last lap of our own Iroko then, it would be killing in Aketi’s second term considering the gnashing of teeth, arrogance and high handedness already going in his first term in office.

I urge everyone in Ondo state to say NO to 2nd term, it is ANTI MASSES and it is dangerous. A word is enough for the wise.

Sunday Menukuro writes from Akure, Ondo state.



Read the recent article by Sunday Menukuro where he did what he’s best known for,”create propaganda”.

An esoteric sight will not be needed to unravel the sheer attempt of deceit, the state of being myopic and the denial of facts, facts that the blind can see, the deaf can hear and one which the babies can comprehend.

While the result of the October 10 Gubernatorial election in Ondo State will not only put to bed your various shallow thought and perception which you are trying to push on the good people of Ondo State, I will also like to point out few reasons why the second term of the incumbent Governor of Ondo State, Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu SAN. is a sealed and secured one.

Starting with the bane of your article, payment of worker’s salaries in Ondo State, it’s a well known fact of the deliberate action of the immediate past administration in Ondo State under which Menukuro served, created hardship for the State workers Eight months salaries were left unpaid.

Arakunrin, since the inception of his administration has never played politics with this, he never played the blame game to avoid the payment of this salaries owed by the previous administration. Instead he took it upon himself to clear these backlogs because he understood that a worker must be duly paid his wages.

Let’s take a cheeky glance away from this to other areas, talk about the Deep Sea Port, one which promises to open great economic possibilities in the State upon completion, Bitumen exploitation in the State, a resources that have always been with us but has been neglected by previous administration in the State.

A trip to Ore industrial hub will reveal the bold statement of Arakunrin in ensuring that the state is transformed from its usual civil servants identity to an industrial one.

The massive infrastructural development in the State has which has seen to the rehabilitation of several roads across the 18 local government areas in the State, opening the rural areas up for economic growth and development through the rehabilitation of these various roads and their dualization.
Over 600 schools in the State has been renovated and created to ensure that primary school education is given a huge facelift in the State.

It might elude you by some reasons or you just primarily choose to ignore this fact because of your shallow reasoning that while Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu SAN. has done all this in the State, he never left or neglected the projects led by the previous administration. Not only this, he never plunged the state into the waters of debts like the previous administration. Instead the state IGR has continued to grow amazingly well.

The world had to battle the onslaught of the novel virus ,Covid 19, this led may States in the federation incapable of paying their workers adequately and taking adequate care of it’s citizens, however Arakunrin Akeredolu was undaunted by the garage economic realities as he took the bull by the horn giving as he ensured the despite the economic challenges of Covid-19 he prioritised the welfare of the civil servants as well as that of the entire state.

If there’s any time to be proud that you are a son of the soil, there’s no better time than this. Arakunrin against all odds has done well. His second term is not for you to debate but to come to terms with because it’s signed and sealed by the Divine.

Damilola Abe writes from Akure

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