Ondo 2020: PDP should stop behaving like lazy proverbial vulture —Kekemeke


In the last 48 hours, an innocent pep talk by Hon. D.I. Kekemeke to his supporters, has been spun and hyped by the opposition parties, particularly the PDP to score cheap political points.

Hon. D.I. Kekemeke already took responsibility, explained that the sarcasm and humour deployed in the talk have been distorted misconstrued and taken out of context.

That notwithstanding, D.I. Kekemeke true to his character apologized to those genuinely upset by what they saw and read and has also assured the PDP governorship candidate that no harm will come to him from Kekemeke.

The apology is not an admission of the manipulated video clip. Unfortunately, the PDP has been shouting crucify him, pretending not to know that, the clip amounted to no more than a simple talk, a political taunt or what the iconic Fela Anikulapo Kuti called “Yabbis”

It is obvious from their rook that the People’s Democratic Party rather than deliver an acceptable message to the people of Ondo State are latching on to anything available symptomatic of drowning men clutching at straws.

They want to use the spun video clip as excuse for their impending failure and confer on Hon. D.I. Kekemeke, the title of their “tormentor – in-chief”, a job he would be too willing to accept. The PDP should stop behaving like the lazy proverbial vulture, which instead of working hard to eke out a living, is always waiting to feed on any available carcass.

Kekemeke can not be blamed for their inability to manage their post-primary conflict that has finally poured water on their struggling campaign flame.

Hon. Kekemeke continues to undertake that he remains committed to a non-violent electoral process as he has always done as evidenced even very recently in the 2016 Governorship Election of the State as Chairman of the All Progressives Congress.

Jerry Sola -Akinuli
Media Aide to Hon. D.I. Kekemeke.

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