Ondo 2020: Kekemeke apologizes over viral video, says it’s a pep talk


Dear Regent,

I have just read your open letter to me and I thank you for it. The video under reference is a pep talk to a gathering of my supporters in my office that an aide inadvertently shared.

The sarcasm and the humour contained in the hometallk have been spinned and hyped to achieve political objectives.

My records in the politics of this state as a militant (aggressive, defiant , fighter) are too well known and I am not ashamed of it. I just finished one with Gov. Akeredolu.

Kabiyesi, I understand that we are all on edge and that in these times, majority of people will take things at face value.

For those who are genuinely troubled by the clip, I take it that it is because they believe that the video does not represent the me that they know. I apologise to them.

For Governorship Candidate Jegede, SAN, he should rest assured that no harm of any sort will come from me to him. I have no intent or capacity to do so.

For the PDP, I reiterate that I will work so hard with my party, the APC to beat them silly (ana pa) during the Oct 10, 2020 Governorship election.

All over the world, incumbency at election confers advantage. Our party can’t be denied the advantages of both the federal and state incumbencies through blackmail.

I can assure you and others that I remain committed to a non- violent electoral process as I have always done.

I trust you will be kind enough to give this response as much publicity as you gave yours.

Thank you, Kabiyesi
D.I. Kekemeke.

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