Sports Dev: Coalition of Youth Leaders laud NFF Boss, Pinnick

June 29th 2020.




Today, Some Youth leaders from various ethnic groups in Nigeria paid a courtesy visit to The Yoruba Youth Leader And National President, Coalition of Ethnic Nationality Youth leaders of Nigeria, Comrade Eric Oluwole. During the crucial meeting, sports development was discussed.

The council also appreciated the various laudable achievements of the federal government to supporting our teeming youths. The quest to hence see the sporting sector thrive further was discussed vehemently with actions plans marked out.

Eric Oluwole praised Amaju Pinnick for his great impacts in Nigerian Football Federation.

The Yoruba Youth Leader And National President, Coalition of Ethnic Nationality Youth leaders of Nigeria while receiving them, he addressed the press by urging the youth group to really support Amaju Picnnick, because of his great achievement in Nigerian Football Federation so far.

He stated that as Ethnic National president, his leadership will soon release the achievements of Amaju Pinnick to some of the distractors yet to come to the reality of the laudable achievements for whatever interest.

The National President said some of them may have been doing so in ignorance. Therefore it is important to educate them, to assist them make an informed decision.

Speaking further the National President said Amaju is a man of integrity and is ready to take Nigerian football to the next level of progress in Africa and the entire world.

While addressing those opposed to the development brought to the sports development under Amaju, the National President warns that those who are opposed to him should state facts contrary to the giant strides instead of their selfish rantings for personal aggrandizement.

Oluwole said there shall be a general meeting of all the Ethnic youth groups in the country very soon.

He expressed further that he wants to use his office on behalf of the coalition to praise Amaju Picnnick for doing well and charge him to do more. He stated that the coalition is not partisan, that it would praise when it needs to praise and chastise when it is necessary.

He emphasized that the NFF is of pertinent importance to the coalition because sports us basically for the youths. It is one of the mainstreams for youths development and it will not watch it compromised for pecuniary gains.

Oluwole promised to release more about the Amaju Picnnick good achievement in NFF soon.

Oluwole stated that under his leadership, he promised to release more about the Amaju achievement in NFF soon and charge it not let Nigerians down

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