What Kekemeke represents in Ondo state —Akeredolu, APC official

As if by divine inspiration, Governor Rotimi Akeredolu of Ondo State once identified what has become the greatest asset of Chief D. I. Kekemeke in his quest to become the successor of the Governor through the forthcoming gubernatorial elections in the State. It is now well-known that of all the gubernatorial aspirants, Kekemeke is the most experienced. Governor Akeredolu identified this and pointed it out as far back as 2017 in the days of Kekemeke as the State chairman of All Progressives Congress (APC).

Speaking at the Cocoa Conference Hall of the Governor’s Office in Akure on 23rd February, 2017, the Governor said, “apart from Governor Mimiko, my Chairman D. I. Kekemeke, is the most experienced politician in Ondo State.”

ConcreteNews Online sought out Hon. Demola Ijabiyi the Chairman Strategic Mobilization and Communication Committee of Lekeleke Movement to react to this.

He responded that he was not surprised.

Mimicking the Biblical response when Peter identified Jesus as the Messiah, Ijabiyi said, “This truth did not come to him from any human being, but it was given to him directly by God.

Explaining further, he pointed out that Kekemeke was once a member of the house of assembly, he was the pioneer chairman of National Examination Council (NECO) which he led to national and international recognition.

He was attorney general and commissioner for justice in the State. He moved from the Justice Ministry to become the commissioner for works, lands, housing and transport.

Then he rose further to become the secretary to the state government. Besides, he was the pioneer state secretary of the People’s Democratic Party and later the pioneer state chairman of the APC.

Ijabiyi then asked, “Which of the aspirants can boast of this kind of intimidating credentials?” Continuing he said, “You can see that he has brought this experience to bear on his campaign method and style.

Among the aspirants, his campaign is the most mature and focused with emphais on his objective and agenda for the prosperity and peace of the State.”

Ijabiyi recalled the acknowledgment of this by a top official of the party in the State.

According to him, the State publicity secretary, Mr. Alex Kalejaiye recently said in a programme on the African Independent Television that, “Chief Kekemeke, in the last few weeks, has ran a very decent campaign across the State, and I just wish and hope that other aspirants will copy a lot from him . . .”

Ijabiyi who was obviously excited by this recommendation recalled that Kalejaiye was not the only notable figure to have acknowledged the effect of the political experience of Kekemeke on his campaign method.

A top official of the State Government and loyalist of Governor Akeredolu, Barrister Sola Ajisafe aka Templars, recently wrote in a WhatsApp post that, “D. I. Kekemeke. . . . has conducted a most robust issue based and reasonable campaign to earn my respect and that of the party. We note it as he remains a strong pillar of our party. …”

“Instructively,” continued Ijabiyi, “no other aspirant has better recommendations, specific objectives or defined agenda for the peace and prosperity of Ondo State than those of Kekemeke.

He is definitely different and has stood out from the crowd. The APC can’t give the State a better candidate. When you are the best, you are simply the best. In this election, Kekemeke is it.”

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