Aketi’s Endorsement: Our Monarchs as fathers can’t lead us Astray —Ondo Group

By: Ade Adeleke

As Alex Ajipe backs Royal fathers.

As preparations for the October 10 governorship election, a political group in Ondo state, “Ibi Giga Ambassadors”, has commended traditional rulers in the state for endorsing the second term of Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu as a result of his administration’s giant strides in the last three and half years.

In a press statement, the Convener of the group, High Chief Alex Oluremi Ajipe said testimonies by the monarchs when they were endorsing Akeredolu’s reelection showed clearly that they know what the future should hold for the state and as elderly persons, they could not lead their people astray.

Ajipe described the monarchs’ decision as uncommon and bold step.

Addressing journalists in Akure, the Chairman of the traditional rulers and Olugbo of Ugbo Kingdom, Oba Frederick Obateru Akinruntan, said Governor Akeredolu had done well in the state which attracted his endorsement from the Royal Fathers in the state.

Olugbo disclosed that the council of Obas in the state has already set up a committee in the three senatorial districts to work on the emergence of Akeredolu and his reelection.

The monarchs said; “We looked at what he has done, particularly the Ore Flyover. Look at what Akeredolu has done for us. We have set up a Senatorial committee to work for the Governor.

“Those who are contesting with the Governor are wasting their time and resources. They should wait for him for another four years and let Aketi finish his second term,” Olugbo said.

The endorsement which has attracted further commendations from different political groups and individuals, and the latest is the Ibi Giga Ambassadors convened by an industrialist and Ile-Ife traditional title holder of Irawo Ola of Yorubaland, Chief Alex Ajipe.

Ajipe who is the manager of Ondo-Linyi Industrial Hub, Ore, said, “we in the Ibi Giga Movement seize this opportunity to commend the custodians of our culture and heritage, the revered guardians of our history, our noble and worthy Kings for the dignified royal endorsement of the Governor with testimonies, Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu.

“It is a well known fact in our clime that what children lack capacity to see while standing on rooftops is easily accessed by the strata of exemplary royalty that came around to witness on the gargantuan strides of the Aketi administration.

“As expected, an envy ridden section of the State have been in malaise since the royal fathers delivered their message. It is outstanding to see how much can be achieved where one does not care who gets the credit.

“Just as one must always stand up and take responsibility for what is not right, so too must one always recognize and give accolades and credit to a leader and his team when things go well.

“We are proud and elated that our esteemed highnesses took the lead in sounding it loudly in public with all sincerity and decency with accustomed courage buoyed by self confidence that the government of Oluwarotimi Akeredolu has been responsible and responsive in the way it has managed the affairs of our State.

“The objective assessment and glorious declaration of the eminent assembly of royalty was founded on the wisdom, knowledge and understanding that WITHOUT A TEAM WITH SUCH A GOOD QUALITY LEADER BEHIND ANY PRODUCT THERE WOULD BE NOTHING WORTHY TO SELL.

“Once again, we thank the distinguished leaders of our traditional institutions and pray that the CROWN stays long on their heads, the SHOES remain deeply entrenched on their soles and their staff of office bear goodness, mercy, progress and prosperity for all times,” Alex Ajipe said.

Ibi Giga Ambassadors is a foremost political group working for the reelection of Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu.

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