“Ondo 2020: Why Kekemeke remains only viable Alternative to Akeredolu”

The Chairman of the Strategic Mobilization and Communication Committee of Leke-Leke Movement, the campaign outfit of Hon. D. I. Kekemeke, Hon. Demola Ijabiyi, has advocated Kekemeke as the only viable replacement for Akeredolu as the APC gubernatorial candidate in the forthcoming election.

According to him, “The other aspirants are simply not on ground.” He, therefore, appealed to the APC members to vote massively for him in the primary election scheduled for 10th July, 2020.

In a press statement released in Akure, Hon. Ijabiyi said that no aspirant had shown as much seriousness as Kekemeke and yet none was as qualified or as experienced as him.

According to him, “Virtually all of them made the mistake of waiting to be selected as a consensus candidate and surprisingly each believed strongly in their own success in that regard.

“They unwittingly left the field open to Kekemeke while waiting to be chosen. They did nothing to reach out to our members. They refused to work. And when the consensus arrangement crumbled, they all went into the panic mode.

“Some started to establish emergency structures, hiring offices less than two months to the primaries; while some began to hurriedly fall back on their old delapidated structures. To me, it all shows a poor sense of judgment and lack of seriousness.

“Anybody who wants to be governor must show commitment. He or she must demonstrate foresight and preparedness. There must be evidence of determination, organization and approach based on tested strategy. There shouldn’t be emergency candidates. And I am sure party members are watching.”

Hon. Ijabiyi further observed in the statenent that, “None of the aspirants except Kekemeke has prepared any blueprint for the development of the State. None except Kekemeke has canvassed any innovative or creative ideas.

“None has demonstrated knowledge of the needs of the State. None has offered hope to the badly marginalized and sidelined members of the party.

“None has remembered the ignored elders of our party. None has focused attention on the challenges of winning the general elections. He then wondered what these aspirants were doing in the gubernatorial race.

Ijabiyi continues in the statement, “with the disenchantment against the incumbent Governor, not just among party members but more importantly among the populace of Ondo State, and with a formidable opposition to contend with, our party must choose a credible, popular and viable candidate in the person of Hon. Isaac Kekemeke. As things stand, he has no close rival.

“In terms of experience, he has served meritoriously in top capacities in the government and in the party. In terms of all other paremeters of leadership assessment, he stands out from the crowd. And I challenge any aspirant that feels superior to him to come out and tell us the specific area of superiority.

“Our party cannot afford to present its.second best. Incidentally, our members have been appreciative of this as there is now Lekeleke Movement in every nook and cranny of the State,” Ijabiyi said.

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