The Untold Story of Dep Governor vs Ondo CP inside Govt House

Here we bring to you various opinions of the gladiators who involved in the saga at Ondo state Government House, Akure between the State Deputy Governor and the State Commissioner of Police.

The ondo state government, the Deputy Governor, and the police authorities reacted

Re: Deputy Governor’s Aides In ‘Alleged Looting ’ At Govt House Ahead Of Defection

I have read with amazement the news report by alleged looting of the Government properties by aides of State Deputy Governor’. The report is part of the grand plan to blackmail and put the office of the Deputy Governor into disrepute for political gain.

It’s sad that the news outlet allowed itself to be used by injured politicians who are desperate for power. For the avoidance of doubt let me state it clearly that NO aide of the Deputy Governor loot or attempt to loot any property belonging to the state government.

The Deputy Governor, has further directed Government security agents to thoroughly search any of his aides when going in and coming out of the Government House.

The general public should be aware of this latest attempt by some unscrupulous element who will stop at nothing to seek relevance.

Comrade Allen Sowore
Special Assistant (New Media)
Office of the Deputy Governor

20th June, 2020.


The attention of the State Government has been drawn to a video clip trending on the social media. We consider it expedient to correct the mendacious twist mischievously spun to confuse the good people of Ondo State. At no time did any security operative prevent the Deputy Governor, Mr Agboola Ajayi, from leaving the Government House as conveyed in the edited video. It was he who beckoned to one of his aides to do the recording. I was there.

The Chief Security Officer to the Governor of Ondo State had called my attention to some strange human and vehicular movements around the Guest Chalet occupied by the Deputy Governor at around 9:45pm, almost 3 hours after the commencement of the curfew in the State, on the 20th June, 2020. The Governor’s Special Task Force was about leaving the Government House for enforcement. I instructed the Officer-in-Charge of the place to ensure that nobody was allowed to leave the premises unchecked. The Deputy Governor was NOT anywhere in the premises at the time.

A convoy of about four vehicles approached the main gates to leave shortly afterwards. The security men present stopped them for identification purposes. Some of the security operatives attached to the Office of the Deputy Governor had earlier driven off in their personal cars. The civil servants working in that office had raised an alarm at the untoward occurrences in the official quarters of the Deputy Governor. They had challenged those bent on moving items out of the premises to wait till the morning as there was no prior notice. They had already moved out some furniture, DSTV Decoders, TV sets, among others. It was at this point that I saw some vehicles bearing Ondo State official number plates attempting to go out in utter defiance to the directive of the security operatives present.

None of these persons was an official of the Government. A policeman, apparently new in the State, came to meet the CSO where I was standing. He introduced himself and informed him that a woman, said to be the Deputy Governor’s guest, was in one of the vehicles. All the drivers were unknown by the security operatives on ground. I insisted that only personal vehicles must be allowed to leave after a thorough search. I directed that all the vehicles which belong to the Government must remain in the premises, especially the van which had been used to pack some items. All the vehicles moved back to the Deputy Governor’s Guest Chalet where he is staying.

The Deputy Governor had arrived from outside the premises. He was the one who called the CP to meet him at the Government House. The SSA on Security was unavoidably absent. I took charge in his stead. The CP, two DCs, Admin., and CID., and the AC, ops met me in the Government House. The Deputy Governor alighted from his SUV and moved into the Government vehicle in contention, a Pilot van. He said he must go with the vehicle as he bought it with his money. The Government number had been removed.

The DGov called the CP and insisted that he would move out with all the vehicles. He had been joined by others from outside. He was not prevented from going out. The CP attempted to explain to him that it was not tidy for anyone to pack personal effects at that time of the night, especially when no one was notified prior to the time. He quickly reminded the DGov that he just received his letter seeking protection for his imminent defection on Monday and that he had to rush down to ensure that there was peace. It was at that point that the DGov, apparently embarrassed by the revelation, shouted at him.

The DGov drove out of the Government House at some minutes to 12am leaving with other vehicles. The pilot van, which bore the Ondo State official number and some items, was not allowed to leave the premises. Nobody prevented him from leaving. Some persons wanted to use him to cart away Government property at a period when there should be no movement in the State. he seemed to have no problem assisting them.




The Ondo State Commissioner of Police, CP Salami Amidu Bolaji says Ondo Police Command under his policing architecture will never police lawlessness in the State against laid-down policing rules.

CP Salami while reacting to a video on the social media platform of his purported confrontation with the Deputy governor of Ondo State over some number of cars, said, first and foremost the video is an attempt to foment sentiment and misunderstanding in the State; as he asserted that it is only apparent that the Police under his supervision take decisive responsibility when performing their legitimate functions as prescribed by law.

CP Salami further said, he only came to the scene when his officers and men at the government house could not broker peace between the aides of the governor and that of the deputy governor over the number of cars the Deputy governor would drive out at the time.

According to the CP, it is only necessary that his presence at the scene as the Command’s Commissioner of Police could calm frayed nerves. He also said, having listened to the reason for the misunderstanding, advised both sides to come to terms, a condition they both agreed.

CP Salami Bolaji who said he has never been a politician all through his life and would not want to be dragged into politics affirmed that he is completely apolitical and as a police officer, his job is to protect lives and property of citizens of Ondo State.

He therefore advised the good people of Ondo that as the race to Ondo government house draws very close, politicians with interest in the race should learn to play their game with the dictate of its laws; and also advise their followers to shun any act capable of causing chaos or lawlessness in the State as he concluded” though I vowed to police Ondo State and its people with humility, I will not allow the ego and sentiment of any individual dictate what form of policing style I should use”

Asp Tee-Leo Ikoro
Ondo Police Command

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