2020 Polls: Why Ondo Dep Governor Agboola is least qualified to become Governor —Kudehinbu

By: Adesoji Adetona

…….You are only Envious of him —Aide blasts Ex-Ondo HoS.

As the October 10 governorship election approaches, Mr Ajose Kudehinbu, a former Ondo state Head of Service and chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has attacked the state Deputy Governor, Hon Agboola Ajayi as being unqualified to contest the governorship seat in the state due to what he called “his penchant to harm the political careers or interests of other people around him.”

In a Facebook message posted on the page of Allen Sowore on wednesday over the political move of Ajayi, the former Head of Service said the Deputy Governor is the least qualified to lead the state or aspire to become governor of the state.

Sowore is a Special Assistant to the state governor on New Media (office of the Deputy Governor).

Trouble started when Sowore posted a clean picture of his direct boss, Ondo State Deputy Governor, Mr Agboola Ajayi with the nugget “The Big Idea” to which many liked, made pleasant and unpleasant comments.

One of such unpleasant comments came from the former HoS.

Kudehinbu said, “We do our beloved State great harm, Allen, when we promote the political ambition of anyone, for no other reason than blood relationship or ethnicity. You may be the next victim of his atrocities.

“Let me make my stand unambiguously clear: your candidate is the least qualified to aspire beyond the political level Providence has honoured him with. However, those of us outside the immediate confines of government, see and are able to identify his footprints, even in an uncharted environment that should attract his honest attention in the resolution of problems and conflicts, especially in his part of the State.

“I had made allusions to this in some of my previous posts. By far the most serious objection to his aspiration, is his penchant to harm the political careers or interests of other people around him. Is that one to be trusted?

“He told people, for example, that I leaked Exco Papers, as Permsec, Cabinet Office, in the Agagu era. I never did!! It was a cheap allegation he canvassed for reasons best known to him.

“It was a suspicion that arose in my career in the bureaucracy, capable of terminating my career, promptly investigated then and concluded, on which the Cabinet Office, that I led, was given a clean bill of health and the staff were allowed to continue their careers, undisturbed.

“He and many other people in the ruling party then but who were outside government, of course, heard of what transpired in Exco. They didn’t make further effort to find out how the issue was finally resolved. They then mischievously began to carry the rumour that I leaked official secrets.

“Lies from the pit of hell!! It’s one of the issues I addressed in my memoirs, Walking a Slippery Terrain. The book was written before Dr Olusegun Agagu passed on. It also contains live characters, some who are still alive!

“This is the story of someone who wants to preside over the affairs of the State, of an opportunist, who has no clear vision of society and counts his gains not in terms of personal or collective contributions, or of even elementary notion of loyalty but in Naira and Kobo.

“Such a man shouldn’t be entrusted with our destiny. That’s the man you’re promoting, Allen. That’s the man you want me to support. No, Allen. No, I won’t!!,” Kudehinbu said.

Reacting to the post, Allen Sowore, a close ally of Ajayi, posited that, “Ajose Kudehinbu, As an elder, I least expected you to raise an unsubstantiated hearsay about what the Deputy Governor allegedly said about you. It’s a remour- “them say, them say”.

Sowore noted that, “I don’t actually expect you to support Agboola Ajayi for anything. Again, on account of age and perhaps achievements. It trite say that age is respected but achievement is reverened.

“It’s natural that an elderly person like you will naturally envy and even will make fruitless attempt to pull down a denuitive figure with such a gargantuan achievement.

“But remember how David was annointed by Samuel in the presence of his brothers. It happened between Esau and Isaac. God will not set up committee to promote anyone. I can assure you sir if it’s the will of God, you can but nothing,” Sowore said.

Also reacting, one of the supporters of the Deputy Governor, Wale Williams posited on the Facebook page that, “Ajose Kudehinbu, sir, this shouldn’t have come from a respected personality of your status.

“But come to think and have a rethink of your anger that you just vented here, WAS Agboola Ajayi a CABINET MEMBER during Dr. Agagu’s era as governor of Ondo state? How could Agboola Ajayi have had access to the fact that you are leaking EXCO PAPERS.

“To the best of my knowledge, he was a Council chairman who was never a member of the STATE EXECUTIVE COUNCIL at that time.
Sir, I could recollect, when President Goodluck Jonathan visited Ondo state, immediately he sighted you, he said, THIS IS THE MAN THAT GAVE ME QUERRY when I was in OMPADEC.

“You cannot act God sir, I think another episode of President Goodluck Jonathan is looming when H.E. Agboola Ajayi will refer to this your image denting piece you wrote about him with the aim of casting aspersions on him to preclude or block his chances towards actualising his aspirations.

“Sir, I will plead to you not plant a future of discord for your children because they too will aspire to become a successful and fulfilled person in their chosen career,” Williams said.

Replying further, Kudehinbu maintained that, “Allen Sowore, You mean ‘seven’ times, Allen? Not once! Don’t mislead your readers. Many of you know the truth about your hero than I do. I wonder what you stand to gain from a political leader whose stock-in-trade is run down others! And here you are beginning life as hero worshippers.

“Certainly, I don’t wish that for you. Why don’t some of you investigate my allegations before dabbling in issues you little know anything about or pretend to know something about? You talk about ‘envy’, about me? I’m sorry for all of you that used the word. It’s a word rooted in the realm of illiteracy and mass hysteria. I’m happy some of you are aware of my roots? That should give you a second thought!!”

Allen Sowore also replied, “Ajose Kudehinbu, I know truth hurts. ENVY AND NOTHING more than ENVY will make an agbalalagba to first abuse an ikoko. Envy that’s rooted in two factors- age and achievements.”

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