Ondo Guber race: Akoko has been marginalized by Akeredolu —APC Aspirant Faduyile

The ambition of Prof. Dayo Faduyile, a leading aspirant under the platform of ruling All Progressives Congress, (APC) in the forthcoming July 20, 2020 primary, has received overwhelming supports from Akoko leaders in Ondo North senatorial District.

This information emerged when he visited six local government areas in the senatorial district namely: Owo, Ose, Akoko northwest, Akoko northeast, Akoko Southeast and Akoko Southwest, as part of his ongoing consultations to seek votes of APC members for the primary held last week.

The visitation of Prof Faduyile to the areas also accord him the opportunity to spell out his masterplan for Akokoland and Ondo State in general.

The immediate past President of Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), has been moving from one local government to the others starting from last Monday.

While assessing the personality of the immediate past President of Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), Pa Bamidele Oyedele, a leader of Akoko Forum, stated that he was very impressed by the profile of Prof Faduyile being a young and dynamic leader, adding that he is also a Prince of note, a personage with an impeccable root and background.

Mr. Ale Adebisi, another frontline leader said the first time he came across the name Faduyile was when the coronavirus pandemic started spreading in Nigeria due to the positive roles of the ex-NMA president.

Mr. Adebisi said the steadfastness of the former NMA President as he went from one media house to another to give media awareness about the pandemic attracted him to him.

He noted that he is quite impressed to meet him in person and he is ready to work with others to give him the APC mandate at that forthcoming APC Primary Election in the state.

Mr. Adeola Adeniyi, Chairman generator services in the state said, he is associating with the person of Prof. Faduyile because he belongs to the younger generation and the older ones in Politics have failed the people of Ondo State and that they cannot entrust the destiny of the State in their hands again.

In his remarks, Prof Faduyile appreciated all the leaders and those speakers who had spoken good about his person, pledging that if he becomes the Governor of Ondo state, he would not betrayed the trust bestowed on him.

”If you rally round me and I am elected the Governor of Ondo State, I will not forget the level of trust the people of Akoko Land reposed in my candidacy and my ability to deliver for the good people of Ondo state”.

Faduyile noted that the people of Akoko had been abandoned over the years, adding that the present Governor Akeredolu had neglected and marginalised the area despite the fact that the man comes from Northern part of the state.

He then promised massive road construction on the major Akoko highways if he becomes the next Governor of Ondo State.

He however said that, for development to come, the people have to join hands and push the right candidate, stressing that he is presenting himself to them as the right candidate with the necessary leadership antecedent and verifiable potentials.

On his campaign policies, Faduyile said the time is ripe for Ondo state to discourage over dependence on white collar jobs by our employable youths; he stressed that there is need for government to provide adequate incentives for massive youth empowerment programme in agriculture, trade and small and medium scale businesses.

He assured the people of Akoko Land that his government will give empowerment to the youths of Ondo state because the huge noise of unemployment is becoming deafening in the land, adding that we are all sitting on a keg of gun powder if our youths, our so called leaders of tomorrow are not gainfully employed.

Prof. Faduyile stated that we human being engage in politics for three things: benefit for our community, general wellbeing and personal gains, adding that any government that falters in ensuring the first two for the people has failed the social contract.

He promised that his government will give the health sector of Ondo state a required face lift as major communities do not have a primary health care facility.

Faduyile told his audience that as a medical doctor he knows the challenge of the people as regards provision of modern health care facilities.

Assuring the APC family in Akoko of his genuine desire to end poverty in the land and making renewable energy the lot of Ondo state rather than relying on hydro electricity which has become archaic and has failed to engender economic growth among the artisans.

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