2020 Polls: Ondo needs Homegrown Governor, as Liberal Movement dumps Akeredolu for Kekemeke

By: Ade Adeleke

The governorship aspiration of the firmer Secretary to Ondo state government, (SSG), Hon Isaacs Kekemeke on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) yesterday received a major boost from a popular political group in the state known as LIBERAL MOVEMENT.

The group has former and current top public office holders as members, described Kekemeke as the most experienced aspirant among about 14 aspirants on the platform of the governing party.

Announcing his endorsement in Akure on Monday, the Chairman of the Movement, Hon. Demola Ijabiyi led his members to officially present and declare Kekemeke as the group’s preferred choice ahead of the July 20 primaries.

Kekemeke is a former Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, former Commissioner for Works, land & Housing; former Minority Leader of Ondo State House of Assembly, pioneer Chairman of APC in Ondo State, pioneer Secretary to Ondo PDP; Secretary to the State Government (SSG), as well as the pioneer Chairman, Governing council of NECO.

In his address, the Chairman of the movement, Hon. Demola Ijabiyi said “Kekeme is more experienced in governance and in party politics than Akeredolu or any other aspirant”.

Ijabiyi said, “We need a creative government and not a routine one. That is, a government that will go beyond routine activities to break new grouds through innovations and creativity. We need a government that we won’t thank for paying salaries or for commissioning a kilometre of road.

“So we took a critical look at Kekemeke’s blueprint and sat him down to brainstorm. At the end of the day, we have no doubt that a Kekemeke government will be most creative and innovative government in the history of this State”.

Ijabiyi who faulted Akeredolu’s government saying “we need a government of our own, an APC government run by APC members to the benefit of our people, a government in which none of us will be alienated. To get such a government, we need a Kekemeke, a government guru who knows the value of party membership”.

According to him, ”we need a homegrown Governor, who has grown up with us, lived among us, mixed with us and believed in us. Among the aspirants in our party, Kekemeke is it.

“All his life, he has lived I Ondo State, he married in the state, he has his business investments in Ondo State and serves the God of Ondo State. He is therefore the most appropriate person for the job. He will understand us, our aspirations and our challenges.”

“It took us sometime to zero in on Kekemeke. First, we waited for all the aspirants to come out, especially the expected consensus candidate of the Unity Forum, a very formidable faction of our Party. Secondly we carried out a painstaking assessment of each of them and this was very time-consuming.

“Let me quickly add that we do not belong to the Unity Forum. But we were aware of the Forum’s plans to bring out a consensus candidate. We were very interested in that plan and this is because we wanted to assess its choice and compare him or her with those outside the Forum, namely the incumbent Governor and Kekemeke.

“The inability of the Forum to act in time delayed our decision on this candidacy. As it turned out, the Forum ended up singing discordant tunes to our amazement and disappointment.

“We need a person that can win the next election for us. Our direct opponent is the PDP. To defeat the party, we must field our best man, a man that carries no public liabilities or controversies, a man that can attract the votes of the people, our most popular man. That man is Kekemeke,” Ijabiyi said.

“From this moment, D. I. Kekemeke becomes the endorsed candidate of Liberal Movement and its friends. We shall work for his victory at the primary elections and spare nothing to see him through at the general elections come October 10 this year.”

Responding, Hon Isaacs Kekemeke said he was elated with the endorsement from very credible group like Liberal Movement, which will definitely spur him to do more, adding that he’s more excited because the endorsement was not a money-induced decision.

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