Battle for Ondo Guber Ticket: APC is bigger than all Aspirants, Governors —Kekemeke

By: Oluwatosin Adesola

As battle for sole governorship ticket of the governing All Progressives Congress (APC) is heating up ahead of its July 20, 2020 primary in Ondo state, a gubernatorial Aspirant on the party’s platform, Hon Isaacs Kekemeke has declared that no member or chieftain of the party including aspirants and incumbent are bigger than the political party.

Kekemeke, a former Secretary to the Ondo State Government (SSG) during the Agagu’s administration, told newsmen in Akure, the state capital that every stakeholders must therefore make
strenuous efforts to ensure the unity and cohesion in the party especially in the state where some governorship aspirants had been at loggerheads over who gets the party’s nomination.

The Pioneer state Chairman of the APC, described as a normal occurrence in a political environment for gladiators to disagree and experience internal wrangling, adding that it was pertinent for all to preserve interest of the party irrespective of crisis situation.

Kekemeke who has been adjudged as the most experienced among the governorship aspirants in the state, urged the national leadership of the party to listen to the voice of the majority of the APC members in ondo state who are clamouring for Direct primary system to select the governorship candidate on July 20.

He opined that, “speaking in a utopian manner, there is no crisis free human organization. There is no human organization that is dispute free. Even the family is not dispute free. So disputes and conflicts are an essential part of human organizations.

“The APC can’t be different. What’s important is the ability to manage these differences. And that’s where I stand, that yes, I may not agree with Governor Akeredolu on anything or many things, but I don’t have to take a cutlass and pursue him.

“I don’t also have to be verbally abusive of him. What I should do is to run a civil, modest campaign of my own, selling my own programmes, rather than pull him down,” the Aspirant said.

Kekemeke, a former Minority Leader of the State House of Assembly, urged other aspirants to be true party men.

“My appeal to all other aspirants or all other people who hold different opinions in this party, as we are bound to, is that the party is bigger than all of us (all aspirants including governors); and that when it comes to our party, we all have a duty to preserve it. And that’s where I stand,” the former state Attorney General said.


Kekemeke said, “I think that I am at one with Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu on the advocacy. I think he is doing well; but we can do more. He is doing so well; but the tenor of the language and enforcement can be more civil, more conciliatory, more advisorial, more appealing.

“I agree with all that he is doing. But when it comes to advocacy, it should be about appealing to the sense of reasoning of the people. You must never be tired of telling the people that this is being done in their own interest, for the good of all.

“So, a situation where people call themselves task force, go to the markets and throw away market women can’t be right. Gather them, explain to them, talk to them. Of course I know that sometimes government is forced to sanction, but you must balance the health needs of the people with the immediate stomach needs of the people.

“So you need to explain to them that they have to be alive to take care of their stomachs. Curfew, very good, but you need to find a way of not providing money that is not available with the people for the police; of not providing opportunity for the police to extort the people. He needs to strike that balance.

“But I am with him in all his efforts to ensure that we reduce incidences of Coronavirus, that we reduce community transmission. It is a highly infectious disease.

“I think he is doing well, but the tenor of the language of advocacy needs to change from aggression to reconciliation, conciliation and appealing to the sense of safety of the people. I think that is what the President is doing,” Kekemeke concluded.

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