“Why Fayemi must Steer Clear of Ondo 2020 Guber Election”

OPEN LETTER TO DR. KAYODE FAYEMI GOVERNOR EKITI STATE (by a Public Affairs Commentator, Mogbojuri Kayode)

Your Excellency, greetings to you from of Ondo State. I strongly believe that you are doing great.

Sir, I have decided to seek audience with you via this medium on the issues I will be addressing in this letter having confidence in your sense of objectivity especially when you convinced the world that you are very sensitive to issues and happenings around you as manifested in the way you handled your relationship with Alaafin of Oyo during his intervention in the traditional and chieftaincy matters in your state.

Your Excellency, the issues I will be raising here is of serious concern to the people of Ondo State and it bothers on your relationship with our state, our governor Akeredolu (SAN) and his ambition to return for second term via the election slated for October 10, 2020.

Sir, you will recall that you played a very important role in the emergence of Akeredolu as the governor of Ondo state an event that is still fresh in the memory of our people and for me as a person, I can vividly recollect how you deployed the paraphernalia of the presidency to Akure where you operated from and comb the entire state. No doubt, you showed capacity and delivered excellently the election which was held in 2016.

Having earlier said that you did excellently well, I must bring to your attention that there are mixed feelings as to what could have motivated you to stake so much for Akeredolu to become our governor (a good achievement for you but a big minus to us in the anal of our history as a state), as we speak, some sections of the state still hold the believe that you acted in good faith as a loyal party man, some believed you did it just to build a structure ahead of your presidential ambition in 2023 and lastly, some are of the opinion that you were trying to flex muscles with Asiwaju Tinubu as a new gladiator in southwest.

Whichever way, the summary of the whole event is that you were very instrumental in installing a governor in Ondo State and the governor for the reason best known to him has constituted himself into a burden, pain, sorrow, regrets and liability on the people of the state.

Sir, let me bring to your notice that since Akeredolu became the governor of the state, our people are just tolerating him and his immediate family as we have never had it bad in the history of the state that a governor and his family take joy in bullying the people and institutions of the state thereby, damaging the psyche of our people.

It is on record that on several occasions you have made attempts to settle rifts between our governor and his associates which up till now, no significant result has been achieved and if you have made your findings accurately which am sure you have done, you will discover that everyone in Ondo State is regretting the day Akeredolu became the governor of our state and the role you played for him to get to the exalted seat.

Despite all these, the people of Ondo State have put the past behind and we have firmly resolved within ourselves that Akeredolu should spend his four-year term and leave us alone while we look for a strong, reliable, dependable and credible alternative to govern our state.

However, it is with a grievous and sorrowful heart that we are reading in the news that some APC Governors have met and adopted Akeredolu as the candidate of APC ahead of the forthcoming gubernatorial election in Ondo State.

Sir, this adoption raises a lot questions both in law, facts and morality but the plea I am making to you on behalf of the people of the state is that Your Excellency should do everything possible to stay away from Akeredolu’s ambition to return for second term as the state does not appear to have what it takes to recover from the irreparable damage his first term has caused us let alone allowing him to stay for another four years.

Sir, if by any means you were called upon to make any input in the election of the state by virtue of your office as the chairman of the governors’ forum and other relevant capacities, kindly be mindful of the fact that the people of Ondo State are not happy with the role you played four years ago and will never be happy seeing you imposing the same Akeredolu on the state again
We will be very happy if you can help us pass this same message to your colleagues at the progressive governors’ forum that they should not in any way contemplate imposing Akeredolu on the people of the state under the guise of the so called adoption by the progressive governors’ forum.

I will in good faith continue to engage you on this subject matter as event unfolds believing that you will have preference for the overriding interest of Ondo state people over that of Akeredolu’s second term ambition.
Kindly accept my warmest regards.

Mogbojuri Kayode writes from Igbokoda Ondo State.

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