Lockdown: Hunger among Nigerians is alarming — Ondo Activist, Ogele

An Akure based Human Right Lawyer, Mr. Morakinyo Ogele, today expressed deep dissatisfaction at the rate of suffering among Nigerians during the ongoing lockdown, noting that hunger among the masses is reaching alarming rate.

He decried the rising hunger in the country and government’s inability to tackle the plight of Nigerians despite the lockdown due to outbreak of COVID-19.

Speaking in Akure, Ondo State capital, Ogele noted that both the federal and state governments, have failed to respond to the essential needs of the masses during this lock down, saying most governors in the country have been behaving irresponsible in tackling the problems facing their respective states.

He decried the increasing hunger in the country, noting government’s inability to address the plight of Nigerians despite the lockdown due to outbreak of COVID-19.

According to Ogele, unless government is responsible for everyday needs of the people, the lockdown imposed by government may not achieve its desired result of promoting self-isolation and social distancing and may lead to state protest.

The legal practitioner however, noted that most of the palliative measures for the people “are insulting, provocative, primitive and sordid”

He said “most governors are locking down their states without adequate provision to take care of the people locked in.

“They go about with two bowl of rice, a bowl of beans and tomato paste that cannot last a five years old for five days.

“I watched with tears the palliative measure Ondo and Ekiti states government offered to the masses in their state.

“I want to call on our people to reject these food items called palliative and they should not be seen as beggars”

He said since the right of poor Nigerians to fend for themselves had been taken away due to the lock down, it becomes the responsibility of the government to provide reasonable palliative.

He warned the governors on the implication of ordering the masses to stay at home saying “you cannot lock down a state while hunger is in the land and expect them to keep mute.

“Not even thousand of soldiers can suppress or stand the revolution that will erupt from this stay at order, an hungry man is an angry man.

He blamed the development on President Muhammadu Buhari, over lack of measures to address the situation in spite of the huge donations to assist the government fight the pandemic in Nigeria.

The Human Right Activist however, called on President Buhari to do something urgently before the situation deteriorated, saying Nigerians were crying, dying, frustrated and hungry.

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