Why Night Curfew is necessary in Ondo State


By: Ojo Oyewamide

Some people are asking: “Does coronavirus move around only at night?” No, it moves every time.

But the virus has not even started moving around here. That’s what the state government is trying to prevent.

Had the virus started moving around in the state, many would have been dead or hospitalized by now owing to indiscipline and irresponsibility.

A couple of days back, a self-righteous lawyer who is fond of giving the impression of monopoly of knowledge, disregarded the lockdown in Abuja and sneaked into the state.

The self-conceited fellow still had the effrontery to recount on Facebook how he successfully broke the order of the federal government. How will one describe his attitude?

Why did Ondo state close its boarders? To prevent the spread of the disease from other states.

Ondo state did not have any case of the pandemic until a military man brought it to the state. The second case came from Lagos despite the closure of boarders. The third case, who is a medical doctor, got it from the military man.

Investigations showed that people sneaked into the state at night. It was also discovered that people gathered at drinking joints at night.

There was likelihood of people from other states spreading the pestilence to Ondo state at night. That’s the basis of the curfew. So, government decisions are based on information and investigations.

Those calling for a total lockdown are those deploying hunger as a blackmail. Playing politics with this virulent virus is a disservice to humanity. Let’s join hands to defeat the invisible enemy of all of us.

The low rate of deaths from Covid-19 and mildness of infection in Nigeria could be ascribed to the grace of God and the measures put in place by government. That’s the truth.

This is my personal opinion. Yes, my personal opinion.

Written by: Ojo Oyewamide

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