COVID-19: This is not time for Blame Games —Ondo Rep, Adeogun tells Nigerians

By: Ade Adeleke

The lawmaker representing Akoko South East/South West Federal Constituency of Ondo state at the National Assembly, Hon. Ade Adeogun today warned Nigerians against disparaging those infected by corona virus in the country.

In a Press Statement, the Federal lawmaker also cautioned against blame games or blaming leaders or play politics with an affliction, noting that it was a time for all to stay healthy and rediscover that spirit of communal living which entails looking out for one another.

Adeogun urged citizenry to obey health guidelines, observe basic hygiene and maintain the prescribed social distance as directed by government to combat the spread of COVID-19 in the country.

According to him, COVID-19 is real and has no ravaging boundaries thus individuals must make an effort to stay safe knowing that this season will pass away.

Adeogun said, “this is not time to test the capacity of government or the efficiency of our medical responders, it is a time to obey guidelines, observe basic hygiene by washing our hands each time we touch any object. It is a time to maintain the prescribed social distance.

“This is a time that those who have history of recent visits to other countries or exposure to those who tested positive (or have the potential to be infected), to voluntarily self isolate for the good of all of us.

“This is not a time to worry about jobs, businesses, assets or anything that could affect our mental health. It is a time to stay healthy.

“This uncertain time provides an opportunity for us to rediscover our spirit of communal living… looking after each other and caring for one another.”

Adeogun opined that, “as we observe social distancing, let us support one another, share whatever we have with those who do not have… provisions, resources, food, books.

“Let us empathize with the vulnerable and support each other to maintain our mental health. We do not as yet know how long this would last so we must bind together, holding on to our faith in God, that this too shall pass.”

He stressed that Nigerians have now moved from a state of disbelieve to a state of panic going by records of victims testing positive to the virus. He concluded.

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