Yoruba Youths adopt common front, endorse Global Leader




We wish to clear the air and lay to rest every reactionary notion on the name “Afenifere” in YAYON in lieu to YYC background. As responsible youths and law abiding citizens we have always insinuated that there is an eternal need to unify. Like Karl Marx opined and also inscribed on his tombstone, “workers of the world, unite.” And further postulated “you have nothing to loose but your chains.”

Therefore the need for YORUBA YOUTH COUNCIL (YYC) as affiliated to YAYON, is to unite with other well meaning Yoruba youth organisation in order to build a formidable force. This birthed YAYON and from an overwhelming consensus from 32 other Yoruba youth groups 29 voted overwhelming that Chief Eric Oluwole be made the National Leader for his lead role and active participation in the quest for Yoruba race advancement and development.

I believe we will lay to rest all issues raised by our well wishers and the subtle opportunist, distractors and enemies of Yoruba nation to make unsavory compliments. We are aware of the eternal song of our own legendary Fela Anikulapo Kuti, “Beast of no nation”, that there are many animals in sheep clothing and wearing the image of man.

Hopefully, this statement will be strong enough to remind distractors that we are formidable and indomitable in our quest for a unified Yoruba nation beginning with the youths. We are not in a power tussle with any persons or group. Like the legal maxim, “res ipsa loquitur” (the fact speaks for itself). We have made our names in the sands of time in history.

Yoruba Afenifere Youth Organisation of Nigeria (YAYON also known as YYC) was inundated with calls from friends and well wishers seeking clarification to our name. Our response hence becomes golden. As the silence of good men paves way for evil doers to thrive and do evil

YAYON/YYC wishes to inform the entire public that YAYON is a broader conglomeration of Yoruba youth groups. Let it be known, that Chief Eric Oluwole having an unrepentant and dogged spirit of youthfulness rooted in strong leadership prowess was made leader of the unifying group. We therefore wish to set this records straight so the public can be informed of this development. We equally use this medium to advise distractors and enemies of a unified Yoruba nation to seek repentance as Yoruba race will always continue to rise above them. We are not deterred as we have conquered elements of this nature over and over again with a spotless victory over lies, deceit, hooliganism, shenanigans with extreme violent and criminal natures with their in house collaborators.

For a fact, the underlisted should be taken cognisance of:


1. At the joint harmonisation meeting of Yoruba sub-youth groups in Abeokuta, critical issues from the days of Awolowo to this present age was discussed understanding our rich history and tradition.

2. It became necessary as it is high time for the youths to protect the future of Yoruba nation and by only harmonization and uniformity of purpose that can be achieved.

3. After a long deliberation YAYON was birthed. And all the former YYC executives both NWC and the States remain dissolved.

4. Consequent upon this, the question of who will lead YAYON a well registered organization, became necessary. And the choice from an overwhelming acceptance for comrade Eric Oluwole supported by almost 29 youth groups validated him as the International and national leader.

5. Comrade Eric Oluwole following the laid down principle and YAYON template, welcome the rest national executives and advised that Yoruba nation should always support their youth.

6. In furtherance the international and national leader made it public that he shall always be ready to listen to advise from our elders. Emphasizing that this Yoruba Youth National and International body shall work with all Yoruba Elders Organizations.

7. The new supported Yoruba youth leader gave advise to the SW government to work hard on the Amotekun bill and that the legislatures priories passing the bills without any delay or political undertone.

9. YAYON as youth wing of Yoruba race comprises about 32 youth groups. Eric Oluwole seek for more reconciliation among the remain youth groups.

10. YAYON is a body that stands as youth wing of Yoruba race and not the representation of any other group or political group but it represents itself.

11. The word “Afenifere” is basically associated with any Yoruba indigene; and we are not for any faction or group but an umbrella for all Yoruba Youths in any part of the world. More so, that we bring to fold our extended family who are true sons and daughters of the soil but geographic demarcation has caused altercation.

12. That we are aware of the aforementioned rich history and tradition and by the name Afenifere in YAYON, we which to unify all of us with those who love Yoruba nation, engaging in building the Yoruba Nation to greatness. The name is not exclusive to any group around the world or under any person but the most unified youth organisation of Yoruba race.

13. YAYON is an umbrella body for the Yoruba Youth whose focus is to take the Yoruba Nation to the next level of greatness.

14. YYC and many all other 31 youth groups is affiliated to YAYON and no group is allowed under any circumstances to make use of this groups without permission as a result of the merger.

While we are awaiting the elections and consensus list from all Yoruba States including Kwara, Kogi, some parts Benin Republic and others we wish everyone a fruitful month. As generally upheld, this is the month of expression of love. We wish that Nigerians continue to live in love. Love breeds security, security breeds prosperity and prosperity brings unity. Yoruba race will rise again!!!
Odu’a agbe wa ooo…

Ojo Bright I ENIAFE


13th February, 2020

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