Justice Folayemi Omoleye: We stand by our report, choose the path of honour – Triangle News Media

We read with dismay, a purported rejoinder by an acclaimed aide of Justice Folayemi Omoleye, in a poor attempt to launder the image of the embattled judge who threw caution into the thin air by assaulting worshippers and clergymen at the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Glory Tabernacle Parish, Ijapo Estate, Akure, on Wednesday.

It is sad that rather than address the glaring case of recklessness and abuse of power as demonstrated by the judge, the aide and his boss are trying so hard to throw the issue behind the carpet by dragging Triangle News Media in her dishonourable act.

We have ample video evidence backing up our report, we stand by it and will always defend what we reported about the judge.

Since the report has been confirmed by the church leadership, the police and published in national media like Punch, Vanguard among others, we challenge the judge to tell the world if she was the one seen in the viral video threatening her accusers or not.

We stand by our report and urge the honourable justice to choose the path of honour by simply apologising to those she assaulted and tell the world why as an upholder of law she decided to throw caution into the air by being a lawbreaker, then try to turn around to play the victim card.

We also believe that since the case is presently being investigated by the Police, Justice Omoleye should allow the law enforcement agency do their work and stop trying to paint our reputable news platform in a bad light. We also want to inform the judge and her aide that if they fail to desist from making reckless comments about our platform we will not hesitate to press legal charges against them.

Triangle News Media’s core values remain truth, honesty and just report to give voice to the voiceless and we will not relent in our duty of reporting that which is true and just no matter whose ox is gored.

At Triangle News Media, we will always expose the ills of the society and reckless abuse of power by those who are supposed to be the defenders of the masses when they are cheated.

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