UPDATE: Apostle uses #1000 to lure our Sons into Homosexual in Ondo Community -Parents

…..parents cry for help

By: Oluwatosin Adesola

Residents of Okeagbe, the Headquarters of Akoko North west local government Area of Ondo State have raised alarm over alleged use of their sons for homosexuality by a self-acclaimed clergyman and politician.

Some of the people who are mostly parents told SUNSHINETRUTH that the unholy act is taking place at Afa Community, Okeagbe where one Apostle Ariyo is alleged to be making young boys in the area to practise gay.

The accused person’s full name is yet to be known as at the time of filing in this report.

One of the parents who simply identified himself as Mr Ojo Samuel alleged that Apostle Ariyo uses money between #1000 to #2000 to induce the boy to practise homosexual for yet to be known reasons.

“We don’t know what Apostle Ariyo wants to gain with this ungodly act, may be is using it for power ritual or not, we don’t know. We have since reported him to our kabiyesi, Oba Oloruntoba Bello (community’s monarch) but he has done nothing about the gay matter”.

Another resident, Mrs Taiwo Olorunda lamented that “Our Chiefs, kabiyesi are not doing anything about the issue, may be because Apostle Ariyo is a family member of the monarch and strong member of the APC in the area”.

She explained that “the Apostle is acting to powerful, nobody can approach or query him in the area, he hypnotized our sons, give them money to engage in immorality in his house, this is strange in our town, we just plead with our kabiyesi to do something now before God destroy our land, God forbids”.

The guy issue has also been taken to the Facebook where indigenes of Okeagbe town expressed divergent views and called on security agencies to arrest the Apostle for prosecution since homosexual was still an illegal act in Nigeria.

On the Facebook page named “OKEAGBE FASHION. RICH HERITAGE AND CULTURAL TRENDS”, this was posted on 23 May, 2019, “Our findings on GAY issues in Okeagbe loading. Aje community in Okeagbe in particular….Warn your Sons of this bad and Satanic animal behaviours in humans flesh. If you refuse to desist from this evil minded of yours Mr Gay(Ariyo)…You will end up in jail and your family and parents will be condemned forever in Okeagbe and anywhere”.

“We have your pictures, and the pictures of your cohorts. We have enough evidence and information about all of you and your hideout. We have evidence and information about the people you approached in Afa Okeagbe and all the small boys you Laurel with #1000 in Okeagbe etc..Remember the Gay right activist that just died of HIV at the age of 46….stop your evil acts… If you don’t want to lose your life or expose”.

“Be warn… Be warn… Be warn or else you will end up in hell grave and your history and destiny will be trash
People that know you should warn you… Remember, we have notify police about this evil development… Be warn. Okeagbe Akoko is not for evil”.

The posted on Facebook generated reactions from indigenes.

One of them, Akande Lawrence said, “I think, instead of posting here he should be approached personally, counseled and prayed for. I sure no sane person will take pleasure in what is hated thy God and detestable to man. HE NEEDS DELIVERANCE”.

Gbenga Johnson and Ale John want the incident investigated by the police.

Nicholas Olamide Owoeye…”I think the writer of this should please report and handover the evidence to any of the Kabiesi or traditional chief in Okeagbe”.

Oluwatoyi Aliu…. “In my view we will get better result if we follow the internal mechanism of resolving issues that is build into our system. People that knows him should counsel him and take him for deliverance before the spirit destroys his household”.

“This is crime against humanity, we must all stand up and against it ,
Try to share this on others groups.
We must not allow him to have rest of mind to propagate his agenda on our boys in that great town”….Emmanuel Mendel Toba said.

Akindele Olawole Oluwaseun lamented that, “I know the person who is doing this evil act, he has tried to do that nonsense with me wen I was at home. Warn him very well. He’s the agent of the devil in Okeagbe community to destroy our upcoming youths destiny”.

Fabiyi Olusegun said on Facebook that, “With those information and evidence, I think he should be arrested immediately, let the police interrogate him. This issue need an urgent action please not warning because he may change his method. What are you watching or waiting for, please help”.

Efforts to speak with the community’s monarch proved abortive as calls to his telephone line says “not reachable” as at Tuesday, while our Correspondent is yet to know the full identity of Apostle Ariyo.

Similarly, Police is yet to react to the allegation of homosexual but in days ahead, SUNSHINETRUTH shall update the public, our readers and subscribers as we follow up the story.

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