Insecurity: Southwest Under siege -PDP tells Buhari, governors

By: Ade Adeleke

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP), has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to urgently do something fast to end insecurity in the south west region that has been under the siege of Fulani herdsmen.

In a Press Statement signed by Mr Ayo Fadaka, the party’s Zonal Publicity Secretary, PDP said kidnapping, killings and banditry in the country and indeed the southwest region had become worrisome.

The party said, “Irrespective of the above, it is important to declare that Nigerians look into the possible new tenure of four years with fear and trepidation as insecurity across the length and breath of the nation continues to grow in alarming proportions and with no sign that Mr President is in any manner ready, equipped and prepared to bail the nation out of these orgies of violence, war, destruction and needless deaths.”

“It is unfortunate to state that the South West is today under the siege of Fulani terrorists or herdsmen who perpetrate criminal actions daily in the most unfettered manner. In our region, kidnapping, assault and rape by these marauders remains unchecked, this lethargy has even emboldened them to even attack a traditional ruler in his palace, without repercussions, thus egregiously making a bold statement that we the Yorubas have become their captives”.

Fadaka noted that, “this we condemn outrightly as a direct assault, insult and desecration of our corporate heritage as Yoruba people”.

“Much as we know that we cannot use the activities of these criminals to judge the entire Fulani people, many of whom are accomplished and responsible leaders in our Party and nation, we however restate that the average Yorubaman is now compelled to believe that plans remain afoot to conquer and subdue us in our fatherland”.

“This belief is further reinforced by the fact Government’s security agencies directly under the control of Mr President has so far done almost nothing to challenge and outrightly put a stop to these insidiously dangerous actions of the so called herdsmen”.

“President Buhari must as a matter of fact know that Yoruba peoples confidence in his ability to make peace reign in our nation continues to sink everyday and the danger in this is that resort to self help may soon become the order of the day, except he takes concrete security/military actions in the South West immediately!”

“It is important that we put on record that when we contemplate the horrors of Ruwanda in the nineties and the possibility of same in our nation today, our hearts sink and also dictates that we must begin to put in place actions to safeguard our nation and particularly our God- given fatherland”, the PDP spokesman opined.

“In view of the foregoing, we demand of President Buhari to immediately order the Security agencies to flush these criminals out of the South West immediately, if he does, we the Yorubas will heave a sigh of relieve and discard our suspicion that ethnic cleansing is about to be prosecuted in our nation. We will sincerely appreciate him for it”.

He said, “however taking due cognisance of the President’s lethargy and pussy footing, we may not expect this to happen soon, our conclusion in this direction is reinforced by the fact that he only recently gave a directive concerning the Apapa road debacle after years of crisis and suffering it has posed to the people and national economy”.

“We also condemn the Governors of the South West, particularly those of Ekiti, Osun, Ondo and Oyo for not doing enough to safeguard their people”.

“Roads across these States have become the theater of operation of these hoodlums and they seem to stand by helplessly and watch, thereby making us to querry what indeed they spend the humongous sum they take as security vote on.

“When we recall that this same Ekiti that is the Fulani terrorists/ herdsmen main operational theatre was bereft of developments of this nature under ex Governor Ayo Fayose, it calls to question the commitment of all our Governors to keep our region safe”.

Fadaka said,
“It is in Ondo State that an Oba’s palace was violently invaded by herdsmen and all the Governor did is an appeasement of the hoodlums, this is disappointing”.

“It is now becoming a common occurrence for these hoodlums to enter houses and pluck people like oranges. The Governors must compulsorily know that we are essentially Yorubas firstly irrespective of partisan political affiliations, thus must assiduously protect our people and land through the instrumentalities of their offices compulsorily, their failure so far, which we suspect is dictated by the ephemeral need to be seen as being loyal to Mr President, and remain in his good books without briefing him adequately on the challenges of our region is absolutely sycophantic and condemnable. It is absurd and inexcusable for us to be under siege in our own nation”.

“We also call on Yoruba leaders to immediately shun partisanship and convoke a meeting where the issues of our security will be wholly addressed without delay. These are trying times for us as a people, we have not suffered this type of invasion since the betrayal of Afonja and we must as a matter of urgency develop an immediate answer to this scourge before it is too late”.

“Our Obas owe us the responsibilities to eschew undue rivalry within their ranks, close gaps and design models
of traditional response firstly in their various domain, and in our entire region”.

“We also call on the APC leaders in the South West to put the pursuance of opportunistic desires aside and speak with President Buhari on this score, as for us in the PDP, we restate our loyalty to our Party and nation, but take very seriously our principled commitment to the peace and security of our region, Yoruba land”.

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