Depressed Economy: Don’t Rely on government alone – Scholar warns

……. Stop blaming government in all situation

By: Ade Adeleke

An Islamic Scholar and Chief Imam Allahu Wahidi Central Mosque, Ondo, Alhaji AbdulRafiu Ajiboye-Lagbaji, has called on Nigerians to stop blaming only government in every predicaments they face and stop rely on government for assistance always.

Ajiboye-Lagbaji made the calls during the 20th annual Ramadan lecture of Nasrul-Lahi-L-Fathi Society (NASFAT),Akure branch held in society’s secondary school premises in Oba-Ile, Akure North Local Government Area of the state.

The theme of the lecture is “Ethics of Islam In A Society With A Depressed Economy”.

Ajiboye-Lagbaji, who is also a founder of At- Tanzil Islamic Foundation said that Nigerians needs to change their attitude toward government and imbibing the culture of given back to the society.

“For those of us who Allah has blessed in one way or other should replicate from what has been given to you to the people in your surrounding. We need to think on what we can do to our society because doing such is the beginning of a good moral and integrity”, the. Cleric said.

“Is not that you should ask every time what the society or government is going to do for you because a citizen of America always thinking of what he or she can do to his or her county.

“Government can not provide everything we need is only Allah that can provides whatever we need, let us help those who does not have especially less privileged.

Ajiboye noted that, “Religion doesn’t stop at praying or fasting but let praise Allah through ourselves because a good character could be found amidst Muslims and Christian ,he said.

Dr. Ishaq Ojudu, Chairman of the occasion, urged Muslims faithful to practice Islamic dictates of selflessness, patience, spending towards the cause of Allah, probity and accountability in both private and public services.

“It is pertinent to note that some Muslims display negative activities which are part of their attitudinal character, most often demonstrated out if ignorance, which have damaging effect on islam, especially in the sight of non-Muslim.

“Perhaps, if they had got adequate and appropriate knowledge, they would rather have expended their zeal in promoting lofty ideals of Islam,” he said.

Alhaji Kunle Sanni, Chairman of NASFAT, Akure Branch said that the topic was choosed to find solution to the economy situations of the country.

“As a Muslim the ethics of religion should reflect in our daily life not only when you bend down to pray, what you do as human being is very germane”.

“Think of what to do to serve others and think about them before yourself” Sanni said

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