ALERT: Hackers invade WHATSAPP Accounts, use Victims’ Phone Number to Defraud

By: Ade Adeleke

Some unscrupulous fraudsters are now fond of hacking whatsapp accounts of Nigerians, using the account to defraud unsuspecting members of the public.

It was gathered that some residents of Ondo State have also fallen victims of the illicit activities of the hackers.

SUNSHINETRUTH gathered that those in authorities are mostly target for the illegal act.

One of the victims in Akure, who did not want his name mentioned said his whatsapp account was hacked and his friends and family had been calling him to notify him, so he quickly called the whatsapp office, where he was told to update his account.

According to him, some information on his account had been distorted while the message and chat history too had been tampered with.

He said, ” People have been calling me to inform me of the message I sent to them which I knew nothing about. When I called the whatsapp headquarters they confirmed the development and asked me to update my account. This is what I have done.

“The hackers have their targets and people should be very careful. The victim called on members of the public to update their whatsapp account to prevent the hackers from carrying out their illicit act”.

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