“Gani Adams is a mere Chief, cannot question Olugbo’s Authority” – Ugbo Youths

It has come to the attention of Federation of Ugbo Kingdom Youth
Association that one Olamilekan Hammed, President of a low profile group called Yoruba Youth Socio-Cultural Organisation has addressed the Olugbo of Ugboland in a publication featured in Punch Newspapers of Sunday, 5th of
May, 2019.

This uncultured line of action is a repetition of the publication credited to Chief Gani Adams in many newspapers on the 29th of
April, 2019, where the “Oyo Chief” who addresses himself as Aare Ona
Kakanfo spoke in a way that is alien to Yoruba culture against His Imperial
Majesty, Oghonne Orisha, Atata Bi Okun Liri, Oba (Dr.) Frederick E. Obateru Akinruntan, CON, Olugbo of Ugboland, a natural Paramount Ruler in Yorubaland.

It should be noted that while it is not our aim to join issues with an
unknown and insignificant group as Yoruba Youth Socio-cultural Organisation or Chief Gani Adams, who has overrated himself, it is important that both of them be educated so as to stop their show of shame and abuse of privileges.

Chief Gani Adams and Olamilekan Hammed should take note of the under-listed:

1. In no way in Yorubaland, Ile Kaaro Oojire, has it ever been in our
culture that a youth organisation or a Chief would address an Oba in a
careless way as Chief Gani Adams and Olamilekan Hammed did. Had it been
during Yoruba dynastic times, Chief Gani Adams and Olamilekan Hammed would have faced grave consequences for desecrating our culture.

2. While Olalekan Hammed is unknown and insignificant in Yorubaland, Chief Gani Adams is a ceremonial Chief that is limited to Oyo Kingdom only, and
in no way does his coverage of duty extend beyond Oyo Kingdom within the present geographical landscape of Yorubaland. Chief Gani Adams, who, in the first instance, has a duty to keep sentry for Alaafin of Oyo has brought
shame to the exalted throne of His Imperial Majesty, Iku Baba Yeye, Alaafin of Oyo by veering off into matters among Yoruba Obas over which he has no right. We are not surprised by his action, which is alien to Yoruba culture since his historical antecedent revealed that his grandparents migrated
from Nupeland to Arigidi Akoko, and by consequence, as a non Yoruba, Chief Gani Adams lacks deep rooted reverence for Yoruba Traditional Institutions.

3. Traditionally, the duty of Chief Gani Adams consists the responsibility
of raising and keeping an Army for the security of Alaafin, a role that has
become irrelevant and extinct in modern times since the Armed forces of Nigeria have taken over all security matters. Chief Gani Adams should not
be disillusioned by himself or others to think he is in any way a custodian
or protector of Yoruba culture so much so that he develops the effrontery to speak against Yoruba Traditional Institution at will, and we believe, without the consent of Alaafin of Oyo, Oba (Dr.) Lamidi Adeyemi III, CFR who is a repository of knowledge and a monarch who does not compromise Yoruba cultural standards.

The penchant of Alayeluwa Alaafin for Socio-Cultural integrity is reflected in his publication in Tribune Newspapers of May 2nd, 2019, AJE: AN EARLY YORUBA DEITY WITH NO SECOND FIDDLE. Beyond controversy, Oba (Dr.) Lamidi Adeyemi III, CFR set the record straight by saying that the aboriginality of Aje Deity of Yorubaland cannot be credited to Igbos of South East Nigeria. This corroborate the assertions of His Imperial Majesty, Oba (Dr.) Frederick E. Obateru Akinruntan, CON that Aje belongs to the Yorubas who have been able to build the most vibrant regional economy in Nigeria from time immemorial.

4. Chief Gani Adams who is an ordinary ceremonial Chief, an height that has been attained by numerous Yoruba sons and daughters does not in any way have an exclusive right to install other Chiefs under him, issuing
certificates that are attached to his title, Aare Ona Kakanfo, and worse
still, addressing those illegal Chiefs he installed as “…of Yorubaland”.
We are told of how Chief Gani Adams parades himself as an Oba in utterances and actions up to the point of waiting for monarchs to sit at functions before making a noisy entry into such events. Vainglory at its peak.

5. Chief Gani Adams, who obviously is in error, should have shown his
enthusiasm about Yoruba culture by raising propaganda against the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, who crowned a white man in his Palace with thecomplete paraphernalia of a Yoruba King, inclusive of a Crown and Staff of Authority, Opa Ashe, instead of speaking in a derogatory manner against the Olugbo who endorsed Yoruba sons of Royal descent as Imperial Ambassadors over Yoruba communities in Diaspora.

6. Otunba Gani Adams actually amplified his show of ignorance by writing to state governments and addressing Governors in relation to this matter. There is no constitutional backing for his action. At best, Chief Gani Adams should have addressed his inquiry to the Alaafin of Oyo who would subsequently make efforts to clarify the matter. I make bold to say that Otunba Gani Adams, who is not in any way qualified to be Aare Ona Kakanfo, will not stop to bring disrepute to the Alaafin and embarrass Oyo Kingdom
as well as Yorubaland in general.

Therefore, we call on the Alaafin to
revoke the title of Aare Ona Kakanfo bestowed on Chief Gani Adams and
replace him with a full blooded Yoruba Omoluabi.

7. As regards the rights to install Obas beyond a King’s domain; giving the
exclusive right to Alayeluwa, Kabiyesi Alaafin of Oyo and Ooni of Ife shows
the cultural and historical ignorance of Chief Gani Adams and Olamilekan
Hammed because their assertion lacks constitutional backing, to begin
with. Yorubaland has just about ten NATURAL Paramount Rulers who had their traditional stools dating back to antiquity. Out of the ten, the Olugbo of
Ilaje-Ugbo, who is one of them, sits on the most ancient traditional stool
in Yorubaland. The Antiquity of the stool of the Olugbo of Ilaje-Ugbo dates
back to the pre-Oduduwa era. According to Professor I.A. Akinjogbin and myriads of academic scholars, the Olugbo dynasty predates the Oduduwa era.

In the book, “Groundwork of Nigerian History…. Obaro Ikime edited”,
Professor I.A. Akinjogbin and Professor F. Ayandele wrote as follows:

“Ife traditions remember the names of such kings as Kutukutu Oba Ugbo and
Osangangan Obamakin who were much older than Oduduwa…”. They stated further, “Fragments of Ikedu, now an archaic source of Yoruba history, have been collected and preserved and they tend to show that the antecedents of the Yoruba are older than the Oduduwa period…”, and the erudite Professors concluded by saying, “Taking all the traditions, therefore, at Ile Ife, long before the period of Oduduwa, a monarchical form of government had developed with perhaps a high degree of cultural

Finally Professor Abiodun Adeniran stated it clearly when he wrote,

“It is however now certain that the Oduduwa period was not the beginning of Yoruba history,…” (Prof. Adediran 1998)

The above indication is that the throne of Olugbo is as ancient as
Ile-Ife/Ule-Ufe and the Olugbo of Ugboland being an aboriginal king enjoys same rights as other foremost Yoruba traditional rulers.

Back to the endorsement given to Yoruba Obas in Diaspora by the Olugbo of Ilaje-Ugbo, the focal point is that a new world order has evolved and millions of Yoruba sons and daughters in Diaspora need our Royal and Cultural ambassadors who will serve as extension of the Imperial Might of Yorubaland, and they will help Yoruba citizens living abroad in all manners necessary just as Kings serve the people in their domain here in Yorubaland. The Olugbo, being a listening and proactive King, has responded to the yearnings of Yoruba sons and daughters in Diaspora for authentic Royal emissaries over Yoruba communities in Diaspora.

In conclusion, I advise Chief Gani Adams, Olamilekan Hammed and all
accomplices in the bid to spread calumny against the Olugbo or malign His Imperial Majesty, Oba (Dr.) Frederick E. Obateru Akinruntan, CON to desist from such acts capable of causing chaos in Yorubaland.

Ti Be Ka Re Ufe

Ile Ti Oronmakin

Comrade Demehin Gbenga,

President General

Federation of Ugbo Kingdom Youth Association

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