By All Orange fm Staff.

It has become extremely important to cry out to Mr Governor, Arakunrin Akeredolu to take a second look at the calamity which has befallen us through the insensitivity of our Chairman Emeritus, Mr Kunle Adebayo which has thrown lots of families into wailing. Just like every other staff of the Ondo State Government, we got an alert of our monthly salary today which clearly showed huge deductions. The deductions from our Salaries ranged from 30-45k! Haba! What have we done wrong sir?

Mr Kunle Adebayo and his team had put forward some arguments to get your approval to do this evil to us. However, as a father and our Governor, please look at the true issues as stated here and not what our Almighty Chairman has been putting forward.

1. As at the time we were employed in 2012, none of us was a green horn as we had all plied our trade with different radio and TV stations in the country for several years. Afterall, the advert placed by the Ondo State Government as at that time called for experienced hands and NOT fresh graduates. Infact, our Salaries were well negotiated. Please sir, ask the Head of Service, Mr Toyin Akinkuotu. He was an active member of the recruitment panel. If government now decides to change the goal post in the middle of a game, why should we be made to suffer for this!

2. Most of us were placed on Level 10 in 2012 because the experiences we were bringing to the table were countenanced. Even if, this placement is not acceptable by the current administration, none of us has been promoted beyond Level 10 since the past 7years. Which means we have been stagnated all along due to this much talked about entry ‘issues’. It implies by now, we are qualified for the GL 10 that we were earlier placed if we had even started out on Level 08 in 2012. So, what could be the rationale behind Mr Adebayo’s decision to take us downwards with an attendant reduction in Salaries. This is pure hardship and deliberate act of wickedness.

3. Mr Adebayo at the moment has been using the current staff of Orange FM to run the TV so as to prove a point with government when in actual fact, we are not given wardrobe allowance or any incentive to cover for transportation expenses despite the fact that Orange FM is miles apart from OSRC. We have been doing this without complaints. Now, with this huge deduction from our Salary, does it imply that Government still expects that we all continue to do the running up and down? What will be left on us after all must have gone on transportation? We have families to cater for our dear Governor. Our Aged parents are looking up unto us.

3. Mr Kunle Adebayo had late last year placed a ban on any of us anchoring events as MCs, producing jingles, taking up roles as Alaga Iduro at wedding engagements during weekends which ordinarily could have helped us complement this reality without complaints. Ours is a talent based industry afterall? These restrictions are not helping matters. Moreover, he is always quick to ask us produce jingle or anchor events for his friends free of charge. He had also said last year that we are not expected to build houses until after 30years in service as Civil Servants. Is this new Salary regime aimed at achieving that?

4. Needless to say that we have been helpless in the hands of Mr Chairman despite so many unethical directives he gives and the several instances of inhuman behaviours towards us. We haven’t spoken out all along because we had hoped for changes. We want to confirm to you our dear Arakunrin that everything that has been said about him on social media these past few weeks are all true. Infact, not a single lie. Everyone can’t be lying.

5. The argument about reforms or not could be easily ascertained by ANYONE with just an unscheduled visit to Osrc or Orange fm. Sir, nothing is happening at our stations. Our studio conditions are terrible. Ask those of us who are presenters either on TV or the radio. Our Guests have no choice than to fan themselves due to the hot condition of the studio. This is the situation at the Radio and at the TV. The only studio aesthetics at Orange fm today was put there by the erstwhile administration.The available cars that ordinarily should be used for Marketing, News and Production purposes have been seized by the Management Committee members for personal use. We use our personal cars for production purposes. Our phones have replaced midgets. So, when our Chairman talks about having done so much, please invite us this time around, we are ready to talk. Enough of dying in silence. Right from the gate, you could see the level of decadence at the station. Just come in the night to see things for yourself sir. Our reception arena is nothing to write home about. When it rains, the whole place turns into a pool. We have been using the Computer systems bought for us since 2012 and most are already malfunctioning. The summary of Mr Adebayo’s achievements since he got to Orange fm are the following despite collecting huge sums of money from government sir.

1. 4 headphones
2. 1 mixer instead of a professional broadcast console
3. Studio Chairs.
4. Our New Generating set was just a swap with the old one.

What else??? None of us has gone on training since we were employed despite the budgetary provisions for this. Our morale is down not just because of the salary issue but the mood Mr Adebayo has thrown our once lively station into. Please note sir, when the righteous rule, the people rejoice. Ask anyone. We mean anyone including his OWN personal staff, the report is the same. Negatives! Negatives!

Mr Adebayo had collected the sum of #3.3million naira for our Internet live stream which has stopped working for several months now when in actual fact, the most expensive live stream structure for any radio station goes for just #500,000. Should Mr Adebayo be enriching himself while those of us who do the work are being impoverished? This is just one of his several financial atrocities. We are the custodian of the documents. So, we are not just blabbing. You may need to check the books. Call for an independent and thorough audits of our accounts, you will be marveled sir. Mr Adebayo claimed the station is not making any money, even when at the last check today, Orange FM has made over 60million naira between 2017 that he joined us and now. We pay the sum of #270 per litre on diesel, on the instruction of Mr Adebayo to the vendor he personally brought, against the sum of #230 obtainable in town. It therefore implies that for every 10,000 litres of diesel supplied to us, he makes a personal gain of 300,000naira. We have the documents to back up these claims sir. In fact, there are still more mind-blowing revelations about Emperor Adebayo.

Our dear Governor, Mr Adebayo has been able to get away with most of these things largely due to our respect for you and the institution where we work. But it’s time to face the reality.

We can’t run away from the fact that this action is capable of making the station lose its best hands in no distant time.

*Rules are made for men, and not men for rules* PLEASE INTERVENE IN OUR PLIGHTS SIR!!!!


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