*Ondo Forestry/Farmer’s Registration: Here Are Some Questions Gov. Akeredolu Must Ask Mr. Seun Segun-Ojo Before His Re – Engagement.*

It’s no longer news that, Mr. Seun Segun-Ojo, The Director of Deltech International Investment Limited was engaged by Gov. Akeredolu as Consultant to Ministry of Agriculture. He was to register the Farmers in Ondo State Government forest reserve, so as to enable the government have full access to the identities of the farmers in government forest reserves known as (Tenants inside government forest reserve), while they were of the agreement that the Consultant would be given 20% of all the revenue generated, he was smart enough to have registered about 46,000 farmers at the rate of #5000 each and he never remitted the money into the treasury of the government, claiming his father played dominant roles during Gov. Akeredolu struggles in becoming the Governor of the state.

Moreover, aside from registration fee, the farmers are to pay #10,000/Rope for the land they acquired, while some farmers have started paying to Mr. Seun Segun-Ojo before the new directive from the Ministry of Agriculture directing the farmers not to pay the fee to him again, with stringent order, that all payment should be paid directly into the account of Board of Internal Revenue.

Mr. Seun Segun-Ojo has been owing the Task Force members duly inaugurated by the government about 7 months salaries, he has not been paying all the Adhoc and other casual staffs he employed for the exercise.

Two lives were lost in a ghastly motor accident in which, Mr. Seun Segun-Ojo never gave a dime as compensation to the families of the victims during the Registration and Enforcement exercise along Akure/Ondo expressway, while returning to Akure at night.

It’s seriously lugubrious to note, that Mr. Seun Segun-Ojo couldn’t account for the Toyota Hilux vehicle allocated to him by Ondo State Ministry of Agriculture for the exercise, claiming he packed the vehicle in-front of his house, while he returned from Church after Sunday service and could not be found few minutes later.

*And Now, Here Are Some Few Questions Mr. Governor, Arakunrin Akeredolu and The Good People of Ondo State Must Ask Mr. Seun Segun-Ojo.*

1. How many farmers were registered across the Government Forest Reserves?

2. How much revenue did he generated into the treasury of government from #5,000 paid by each farmers as Registration Fee?

3. How much revenue did he remitted into the treasury of government from #10,000/Rope paid by each farmers as “Tenants Fee” before the farmers started paying directly into the account of Board of Internal Revenue?

4. How much is he owning the workforce engaged by him for the purpose of enforcement and registration of farmers at the forest reserves and when will he pay them?

5. What happened to the accident victims along Akure – Ondo Expressway and how much did he paid as compensation to the victim’s families during “Farmers Registration and Enforcement exercise?

6. What detail explanations has he given about the whereabouts of the new Toyota Hilux vehicle that was attached to him?

*We appreciate Your Excellency, while we appeal that you expedite speedy action on the above.*

We wish you the very best of the period as we patiently await answers to the questions raised by the Concerned People of Ondo State.

*God Bless Gov. Akeredolu!*
*God Bless Ondo State!*
*God Bless Nigeria!*

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