Man runs mad at Market Square, Climbs Mast in Nakedness

By: Ade Adeleke

There was a mild drama yesterday at Sango Market area in Ibadan, Oyo state when a middle aged man suddenly lost consciousness and started removing his clothes.

In nakedness, the man ran into the back of the compound of a commercial bank in the area and climbed to the top of the mast there and stayed there for up to thirty minutes before he suddenly jumped on the bank’s roof.

It was at that point that the crowd that had been watching the mystery started making phone calls to officers of Oyo State Fire Safety and police for rescue.

An eyewitness, Mr Ibrahim Abiola, confirmed that the man died before the rescue team reached the roof of the commercial bank.

According to a witness, Mr Ibrahim Abiola, before the officers showed up, the man fell to the roof of the bank.

Mr Abiola added that after efforts that lasted for few minutes, the man was already dead when he was brought down by the fire safety officers while the police drove the corpse away.

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