Employment Racketeering & 6months Unpaid Salaries at Ondo Poly: WHO’LL RESCUE RUGIPO STAFF

By: Oluwatosin Adesola

Some concerned staff of the Ondo State-owned Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo (RUGIPO) have raised alarm over six months unpaid salaries as a result of alleged administrative recklessness and for allegedly involving in employment racketeering.

They lamented that despite owing workers’ salary arrears of some months, the management of the institution is secretly recruiting more staff unadvertised.

In a petition titled “UNANNOUNCED MASSIVE RECRUITMENT AT RUFUS GIWA POLYTECHNIC, OWO: WHO WILL STOP THIS MADNESS”, the concerned poly workers said they are suffering and called on Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu to look into their deteriorating condition as many of them have become beggars and can not fulfill family obligations.

One of them said, “the polytechnic had gone back to the era of 2015/2016 when the polytechnic can no longer paid salary of its workers. Fractional payments were made e.g.80% of the salary or net payment of staff salary were balance of which was trapped and yet to be released to the staff up till moment.”

Efforts to get reaction of the school’s authorities as at the press time is unsuccessful.

Below is the full text of the petition;


While the situation at Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo today shows that the Polytechnic is sliding into total collapse with frightful rapidity, we as important stakeholders in the affairs of Owo Kingdom which hosts the Polytechnic are particularly uncomfortable with the massive rate at which staff recruitment is being carried out unannounced.

According to a young man who went to the Institution on Monday May 4th to collect his own Letter of appointment and who was encouraging his friends openly at Uka Junction area in Owo town on Wednesday May 6th on what to do to be employed by the Polytechnic, application letter writing is not necessary.

He told his friends the two steps interested people now take to secure employment at Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo.

The first step is getting to know the right member of Management or Officer in the Establishment Department of the Polytechnic.

The second step is paying the appropriate amount of money to your link or agent. He informed his friends that he took the two steps on Tuesday April 28th and on Monday May 4th, 2020, he was invited to come for his Letter of Appointment.

His friends were surprised when he brought out the letter for confirmation.

Though we retired from Public Service not too long ago, we are aware that the recruitment exercise which we confirm to be going on at Rufus Giwa Polytechnic currently is being carried out completely outside due process.

We confirm that the exercise involves the recruitment of Junior Staff, Senior Staff, Administrative Staff, Academic Staff and all categories of staff.

The following situations and conditions surround this massive recruitment exercise:

Assuming without conceding that there are vacant positions in the Polytechnic which are being filled through this massive recruitment exercise, such vacant positions were not advertised as required by law.

The essential processes of short-listing and interview of candidates are not part of this recruitment exercise.

The recruitment exercise is in flagrant disregard to the Student-Staff Ratio policy of the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE).

The Institution is almost going under in view of its huge debt which includes: six months arrears of staff salary, 16 months CONTEDISS arrears, staff promotion arrears among others.

Employment of staff without considering the ability to pay staff salary.

Scrapping of the Polytechnic Staff Schools and sacking of all the people working there on the excuse of insufficient fund.

Payment of staff salary based on 60 % of the actual salary due to staff.
The last staff promotion exercise in the Polytechnic was carried out in 2017.

In the eye of the Law, staffs of the Polytechnic were illegally demoted. The Court Judgment which pronounced this illegality is not being considered.

Leaders of Workers’ Unions are being muscled in, with some of them dismissed from the Polytechnic for no just cause.

Authorities of the Polytechnic are bereft of ideas on how to transform the Polytechnic or on how to have a smooth administration.

As concerned members of the Public and as stakeholders in the affairs of Owo Kingdom, we are compelled to draw attention to the madness going on at Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo.

A Polytechnic that is unable to pay full salary to its staff is recruiting new staff on a massive scale.
The question now is: WHO WILL STOP THE MADNESS?

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