Why Ondo needs to conduct ‘postponed’ LG polls —APC

Adetimehin Calls For LG Election To Entrench Grassroot Democracy.

The Chairman of APC in Ondo State, Engr. Ade Adetimehin, has emphasised the need for the postponed local government election in Ondo State to hold in time so as to bring governance to the door-step of the people at the grassroot.

Adetimehin, made this call at the Ose Local Government Area stakeholders meeting held via teleconferencing, today.

He said part of the development that the LG election will ensure is bringing governance nearer to the grassroots and rapid positive transformation in the different sphere of the life of the Ondo State indigenes, particularly, those living away from the urban center.

Engr. Adetimehin said the LG election will allow the party to test its soaring popularity amongst the electorate before the forthcoming gubernatorial election and, more importantly, it will establish democratic government in the eighteen local government area of the state.

He, therefore, urged APC members in Ose LG to continue to work towards a renewed mandate for the party in the forthcoming October 10th 2020, governorship election and the much awaited LG election that will surely come up after the Covid-19 crisis is over.

The Commisioner for Sports & Youth in Ondo State, Barrister Dotun Owanikin called the attention of the meeting to how the previous APC LG primary election caused little rift among party members in the ward 1 of the LG.

He advised that there must be fairness in members interaction to move the Party forward. He requested that the state Exco look into certain anomalies pointed out in the said primary to prevent its future occurrence.

The Chairman, Engr Adetimehin appealed to all party members in the LGA that are still holding onto any grudge in respect of the primary to forgive and forget. All hands must be on deck in preparation for the two elections ahead in the State.

He appealed to everyone pointing it out that it is God that anoint people for positions no matter the effort one puts into it.

He cited an example in the divine emergence of Hon. Timehin Adelegbe as MHR representing Ose/Owo Local Government constituency after the then incumbent House of Representatives Member suddenly eloped with the opposition party at the eleventh hour to the party primary which gave Hon. Adelegbe a leeway to walk away with the primary without the influences and powers of a sitting MHR that was likely to have turned the tide of event against him.

In response, the body agreed to work as a unit in Ose LG while, also, calling for the composition of the LG elders forum, nominating a three-man Committe of Hon.Timehin Adelegbe, Olayato Aribo (a.ka Oyato) and Hon. Dotun Owanikin to do the job.The Committe is to report back to the state chairman with the names of the leaders in earnest.

The Chairman of the party in Ose LG, Mr Ladi Tenabe, thanked the state chairman for his intervention and words of encouragement. He promised to see to a peaceful resolution of all the grey areas raised in the meeting, so as to have a more virile front at Ose LG, henceforth.

Steve Otaloro.
Director, Media & Publicity
APC, Ondo State.

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