“Ondo 2020: Why it’s politically sensible to retain Power in Ondo North”

By: Ade Adeleke

Ahead of October 10, 2020 governorship election in Ondo state, a constitutional lawyer and chieftain of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Dr Tunji Abayomi has declared that Ondo north senatorial district must be allowed and supported to complete eight years constitutionally permitted in the seat of the state governor before power will rotate to Ondo south zone.

Abayomi who is from Okeagbe in Akoko northwest local government area of Ondo state, disclosed this on his Facebook page and analyzed by SUNSHINETRUTH correspondent.

The lawyer who is a close political associate of the incumbent Governor, Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, said it was only politically sensible for the governor to complete eight years of Ondo north.

Abayomi is the current Pro-chancellor of the state owned Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko, pointed out that it was an incontestably sensible whether anybody like Akeredolu or not he should be supported to complete the ongoing many development projects and programnes he initiated since 2017.

He said, “a strong, sensible, commonsensible, intelligent and politically logical position. YES.The next Governor should come from Ondo North Senatorial Zone to complete the constitutionally allowable 8 years.

“Then it will go to the South Senatorial Zone for 8 years too and return thereafter to the Central Senatorial Zone in keeping with the existing political culture in Ondo State.”

Abayomi who recently returned to the APC from the Action Alliance (AA) where he contested 2019 Ondo north senatorial district, said, “as to who should be supported for the Commission, it’s incontestably sensible whether you like Aketi or not that he should be supported to complete the many development projects and programs he initiated or pushed for our benefit in Ondo State.

“We cannot continue with a new order under a new man in perpetuity. A strong reason why I stand and will stand with Aketi ‘gboin gboin’,” Abayomi said.

The position of Abayomi stirred controversy and attacks on him by his Facebook friends as compiled by SUNSHINETRUTH.

Williams Oluwaseyi Desmond said, “then talk to him on masses friendly policy and we are good to go. #AAUA fee #mother & child fee # free education at secondary and primary level #job creation across the 18 LG..Peace ✌️”

Yayaha Adelakun supported Dr Abayomi’s post, “I share in your philosophy.”

Bamijaiye Kolade Michael posited that, Sir, are you insinuating contesting aspirants from other political parties should come from ondo north senatorial zone as well?

Temitope Charles Adeyemi said, “Whether Aketi, Abayomi, Oke, Ife or whoever my own stand is do your 4 years and leave for another to come in. Every occupant of that Alagbaka house has impacted one thing or the other on the state.

“The bottom line which is the truth is that second term for any governor is a waste. They dont do jack and experience has shown this. In not too distant a time we had a governor that did two terms but u will all agree with me that the second term was a charade.

Adeyemi said, “NOTHING. Do your best in ur first term, steal as much as u can, assist ur cronies and family as much as u can and leave the stage for another to come in. Forget that constitutionally u can do two terms but use ur spirit and intellectual mind to know u dont need a second term. I know a lot of people will not agree with me but honestly that office is used to share the common wealth of u and i.”

Suleyman Yousuph noted that, “Abayomi Tunji, government is a continuum, that someone initiated something and that as criteria to allow him/her continue is a fallacy and not tenable argument to galvanise support. How do you know that another person will not do better? Who told you that your humble self can’t initiate and execute better? Whatever happens, it is a matter of time. What would be, would be.

Oshk Fela Castro, said “A weak, insensible, uninterested, unintelligent, and unpolitically logical position. Yes. The next Governor should come from anywhere in Ondo State since there’s no constitution or law that says Ondo North senatorial zone should serve for 8 years.
A strong reason why I stand and will stand with people of Ondo State “gboin gboin” to change or remove him by October 10th, 2020. Peace.”

Ajayi Oluwasunkami said, Sir your standing with Aketi is inconsequential. Your political wait is very light and you have a contaminated Pedigree.

Orungbemi Olaniyi Benson said, “With much respect Sir, your arguments and comments these days are not too sound and logical to be coming from your person. We know you support Aketi but let your words of support be very sound, robust and logical Sir. Peace Sir.”

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