COVID-19 Lockdown: Foodstuffs Store attacked, burgled in Akure

Greencommodix, an Akure-based home delivery and credit offering one stop commodity store has been burgled and completely looted by unknown thieves amidst COVID-19 lockdown in the country.

Despite the dusk to dawn curfew in the state, the essential commodity startup store had in the last one month sold food items to more than 1000 people on the basis of buy now and pay later (sell on credit).

SUNSHINETRUTH learnt that the company’s management was considering selling food items for another set of over 1000 families that are on its waiting list before the store was attacked and looted.

It was revealed that burglars broke into the store on Friday April 10 and made away with food items worth over N3 million.

It was also revealed that CCTV System within the premises were equally removed and destroyed so as not to leave any trace of the burglars.

Speaking on the burglary incident, the Chief Executive Officer of Greencommodix, Olu-Martins Temenu (CEO/Founder) said, “It is so sad that burglars broke into our store and emptied the place. They made away with virtually everything that was at sight and even broke into our vault and took away all the sales proceeds.

“They also made away with all our laptops, TVs and all the Mobile Point of Sales terminals. The burglars also took away all our frozen foods
items like turkey, chicken, fishes and cray fish. Also, several kegs of vegetable oil, palm oil, seasoning cubes, salt , rice , beans, flours, beverages amongst other items were stolen by the burglars”.

Meanwhile, the CEO of GreenCommodix lamented that the store had struggled to return to normal service of delivering of essential commodities to the people doorsteps through its motorized mobile store.

He further said that the company would not deviate from its business policy of buy now and pay later, notwithstanding the unfortunate burglary incident.

Olu-Martins however reiterated that the company would do all within its powers to stick to its mandate of providing succour to the needy. He
also stressed that the start up company with limited resources has become overstretched in its bid to serve humanity.

Olu-Martins called on state and federal government agencies to partner with the GreenCommodix so as to be able to reach out to more families in Ondo State that are in need of essential and consumable commodities.

“The company has over 1,000 families on waiting list of buy now and pay later. Even those that had bought on credit cannot make payment now because they are unable to work due to the extended lockdown.

“The company needs government support and intervention for us to remain in business. The CBN intervention loan is too tedious and extremely difficult for any start up to access”.

He described the CBN intervention loan offer through NISRA Micro Finance Bank as unrealistic for any start up company to access. He added that the requested documents and other requirements are too unrealistic for any start up company to provide; except for companies that may want to go the path of falsifying documents.

“The best way for start up to access this intervention loan is for officials of the Micro Finance Bank to remove some of the frustrating bottlenecks and come over to inspect and verify our facilities. We don’t have to wait until all our people have died of hunger before we remove the bottlenecks that will enable startup companies to access this intervention loan”, said Olu-Martins.

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