Recently, the contest for the Commission of Ondo state governorship has witnessed unprecedented deployment of vulgar abuse, name-calling and irresponsible act of fiction writing to assassinate character of a perceived opponent.

These elements with a small heart in the gubernatorial ambition of their sponsor, have written series of baseless moonlight stories about Chief Olusola Oke, SAN believing that their unbelievable lies will bring him down and elevate them in the politics of Ondo state.

We have followed this new and clownish trend and going through the cheered history of Ondo state politics, we can safely say this virus of vulgar abuse and indecent conducts unbecoming of gubernatorial candour in the politics of our state, is a creation of those who thought it takes just arm-chair propaganda to express governorship ambition.

We have decided to let many of their lies slide because of the mood of the nation and also our approach which is based on our experience and the demands of the seat of governorship. We are compelled to do this little intervention so as to put the writers of these fictions and vulgar narratives on notice that we know them and that at appropriate time, we shall bring their identity up for the public to examine.

We have examined their style and strategy and from our findings, the deployment of vulgar abuse is a shameful act imported into our politics by some new entrants who desire quick popularity thinking we would join them in their stride so that they can derive undue popularity. We have come a long way to descend to the abys of dialoguing on lies and propaganda.

Series of governorship contest we have had in this state and in all of these contests, we have not seen this level of crass immaturity, glorified ignorance and orchestrated perfidy in optimum display.

Let us remind them that no mischief or uncoordinated story can change the image and personality of Chief Olusola Oke, SAN before Ondo state public. He is known here in the state and nothing about him is obscure to the people of the state.

Political popularity is not a sprint, it is a long relay that anybody who desires it must complete its course and bear the necessary sacrifice it demands.

Therefore, those who felt they can rise to political stardom through the back of the veterans in the vocation of politics in Ondo state are advised to drop the idea. Those who desire a measure of political relevance must work for and earn it. It is only in the dictionary the word success comes before work.

And for their abettors, we advise they stir not the settled water of politics anymore. The sky is wide enough for us all.

We in Ondo Solidarity Movement believe in politics of issues and decorous behavior in public discuss. For Olusola Oke, SAN, humility is his strength and issue based discuss his logo.

We are poised therefore to join issues with any individual who wants a robust discuss on leadership, governance and challenges facing our economy and the one that may likely visit the economy of the nation and by extension the 36 states in the federation, for possible solutions and reengineering.

More importantly, we believe the contest for the Commission of governorship is better seen as a collective voyage that requires the bits of everybody. Therefore, we must do less of acrimony and more of effort that can promote collegiate drive.

We hold in high esteem anybody who in the conviction of his or her estimation and belief, has expressed interest in the governorship of Ondo state. For those that have made known their interests in the governorship of Ondo state, this measure of respect we will continue to offer all of them. Let them mistake not our silence for presence of fear and timidity.

The crown is in His hands and only God knows who wears it next. Certainly, not a purveyor of lies.

Wasiu Olasupo
Coordinator, Ondo Solidarity Movement

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