2020 Guber: Plot to Appoint Administrator for Ondo Exposed

As the 2020 gubernatorial election of Ondo State draws closer, a plot to rule the Sunshine State through an Administrator, known as ‘Ajele’ in the Yoruba parlance has been exposed.

A source within the Ondo State APC Unity Forum that pleaded anonymity has revealed that the politician who is a serial gubernatorial candidate, has struck a deal with a southeastern State governor in a desperate bid to become governor at all cost.

It was further revealed that the serial governorship aspirant whose wife is a sister to the Governor of Imo State has already clinched an agreement with a south eastern state Governor . It has also been exposed that the terms of agreement struck with the Imo State Governor would turn out to be injurious to the economic interest of Ondo State.

The source further exposed that the
desperation of the Ondo South Senatorial District political tactician to rule the Sunshine State at all cost has largely informed his resolve to agree to just any contract.

The source said, “The desperation of this person to become a governor at all cost will not turn out good for our people.

“He has unfortunately compromised to the point of making himself an Ajele if he eventually becomes the governor. We are likely to witness a situation where people of (that eastern state) will be in charge of governance in Ondo State. The situation will certainly be worse than what is obtainable now in Ondo State”.

Revealing some of the underhand dealings behind the compromise of Unity Forum which has positioned the politician who was said to have performed woefully in the screening exercise conducted by the Committee set up by the Unity Group.

The source declared that the south eastern State Governor has been in constant touch with the Chairman, Alhaji Ali Olanusi and some members of the group as well as key supporters of another aspirant who is said to have come distant first in the screening exercise.

It will be recalled that the Lawyer politician did not submit his profile and action plan to the Screening Committee.

Although the Committee members agreed to disqualify him for non-performance 4 of them who sources claim collected gratification later declined to endorse the agreement.

“We are not unaware of the heavy financial inducement of Alhaji Ali Olanusi, the Chairman of this group. We are also not unaware of the roles played so far by the Imo State Governor to ensure the selection of this serial governorship candidate of different political parties. We are quite aware of the heavy financial inducement of some members of the Unity Forum.

“This is regrettable though. We are definitely not unaware of the regular telephone conversations that is aimed at positioninh this person as the preferred choice of our group against the obvious performance at the screening exercise”.

Meanwhile, the anonymous source has also leaked the ignoble role played in the whole plot by one Boye, who was described as a member of the Unity Forum.

It was further made known that Boye has been the means of huge monetary exchange between the representatives of Imo State Governor and the compromised Chairman and some members of Unity Forum.

“The level of compromise already reached by this politician has given him away as someone who doesn’t have the interest of Ondo State at heart. We cannot afford to become slaves in our own state just become one man is desperate to become a governor at all cost and by all means.”

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