Dusk to Dawn Curfew: Akeredolu’s action Inevitable —PDP Chieftain

By: Oluwatosin Adesola

The declaration of an indefinite dusk to dawn curfew in Ondo state by Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu to checkmate the spread of deadly coronavirus pandemic has drawn divergent views.

While some including a former PDP lawmaker commended the action, others knocked it, even as ondo state recorded third case of Coronavirus.

Some of the citizens who commented on the issue on SUNSHINETRUTH News group WhatsApp platform, stressed the need for government and security agencies to be more proactive in restricting human and vehicular movements from other neighbouring states to ondo state to stop the spread of COVID-19.

A former PDP lawmaker in the state, Hon Cicero Akindiose said, “the network of human endeavours and the possibility of bouncing contacts may not be determinable by curfew. However, it is the inevitable step because subterranean contacts and unimaginable interactions take place more rapidly under the veil of darkness.

“Much more careless and illegitimate dealings take place in the nights than in broad daylight. Most joints and hotels PATRONAGE peak in the nights. Markets operate too in the evenings much as transporters do. With the dusk to dawn curfew, the risks are reduced at least by half,” Hon Akindiose said.

A Unionist, Comrade Dele Durojaye explained that, “I just pray that the spread of the virus would be curtailed as quickly as possible because I seriously don’t believe that we have the capabilities of handling the spread in an alarming scale, I foresee a total lock down in a matter of days if we continue in this our nonchalant attitudes of doing the needful.

“One would wonder that having closed the boarders of Ondo State with neighboring states, a Bauchi bound passenger bus could still found its way up to the bumps at the Shagari estate part of the Ilesa – Owo expressway yesterday afternoon though intercepted by the law enforcement officers but am very sure that the bus didn’t fly up to that point, it must have passed through either Owena Osun State boundary or Ogun state – Ore boundary.

“It will take a very high level of compliance to the precautionary measures on the part of individuals, high level of discipline on the parts of our security agencies manning all our boarder posts and government proactive measures in addressing the needs of the most vulnerable that can see us through. May God help us,” Durojaye said.

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