COVID-19: Ondo NULGE distributes 9,000 Hand Sanitizers to Workers

By: Oluwatosin Adesola

The President of the Nigeria Union of Local Government Employees (NULGE), Ondo State Chapter, Comrade Bola Taiwo has distributed 9,000 hand sanitizers to his members across the 18 local government areas of the state as part of precautionary measures against COVID-19.

The State NULGE President who handed over the materials to NULGE local government chairmen at the State Secretariat of the Union in Akure, said the hand sanitizers should be distributed to those on duty posts at various local governments and the Local Government Service Commission.

Comrade Bola also ordered that a special prayers should be held on Wednesday 15 April, 2020 at the Council secretariats in the state to seek divine intervention against coronavirus.

The Union’s President urged members to stay safe and obey various preventive steps listed by the government.

According to the NULGE boss, “I believe health is wealth and its part of my manifesto as the president of NULGE that is why I established clinics in all local government and when this corona virus came, I believe it is imparative for me to think about the welfare of the local government staff.

“We all believe the virus is real and the distribution of hand sanitizers is the only means Ondo State NULGE can come in to help the staff, that’s why NULGE got the hand sanitizer and disttibute it to all the local government in Ondo state in order to compliment the efforts of the Ondo State governor, Arakunrin Odunayo Akeredolu and also to think about the welfare of the staff.

“We are targetting about 9000 Staff out of 13,163 staff and that is those who are at work right now, from level 12 and above and we are to give them the hand sanitizer so that when they are coming to work they will hold it and take care of themselves”

Comrade Bola said, “we have the NLC Chairman has a member of the Paliative distribution committee and we already talk to him that the civil servants interest must be taken care of very very well because we are part of the system.

“To stay at home without anything to eat is a very hard thing and we believe the man will represent us very well.

“I am sure my members listen to the President of Nigeria when he said an error of one leads to the death of many, so we believe that the people should stay at home the lockdown is not a purnishment, the government think about the people of this country and we mist comply to stay at home and stay safe,” Comrade Bola said.

The Coordinator of LG Chairmen and
NULGE Chairman for Idanre local government area, Comrade Olasehinde Adejala, described the gesture of the NULGE President as timely and appropriate at this health emergency time.

Adejala said, “We have being doing it since the virus began, we have being enlighting our people, the civil servants are the mouth piece of the local people, you know we dwell with the people in the rural area so whatever we tell them they listen to us.

“So we designated people particularly health workers to be moving from one community to another to sensitize our people about the covid-19 virus and that it’s real because those at the remote area do not believe that the virus exist.

“With the publicity it has bring a lot of change of mind, so that they can comply with all the sensitization, even in my local givernment last week we were their giving them hand sanitizer given to us by one of our political leaders at the house of assembly, we gave it to our people and send it also to centers,” Adejala noted.

Also speaking, the Head of NULGE Health Team, Mrs Adenike Yemi said the hand sanitizers would go a long way in protecting local government on grade level 13 and above against COVID-19 pandemic.

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