COVID-19: No Restriction of movement in Ondo but we’ve shut down all Markets —Govt



…..supermarkets, shops, pharmacy can still open for business

As part of measures to stem the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ondo State had ordered partial closure of markets across the state.

The directive advisedly, excluded life saving items such as food, water and medicines.

It has been observed however, that residents have flagrantly disobeyed this directive which is a potent measure to avoid the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

Compelled by this unwholesome infraction, Government hereby places a total ban on all markets across Ondo State with effect from Tuesday, 31st March, 2020.

This ban is irrespective of any item. For emphasis, all markets must remain closed until further notice.

Further On Markets’ Closure

“Government made it clear from the first directive in respect of markets that life saving items like food, water and medicines were excluded from the order regulating crowds at the markets.

“However, that caveat appears to have been grossly abused. This infraction necessitated the current order to shut the markets totally.

“Nonetheless, the sale of those listed items like food, water and medicines will still suffice, but not in the congregational manner as it is in the markets.

“In order words, shops and supermarkets as well as pharmacy stores selling these items can still go about their normal businesses. But this must be in conformity with the regulations guiding social distancing and crowd control.

“Succinctly therefore, any shop or supermarket found to encourage unwholesome crowds in contravention of the regulations shall be closed down without delay by the monitoring team.

“Government is open to useful suggestions as we collectively face this global challenge. Together, we shall overcome.

“It should be noted that the directive to shut all markets does not mean a lockdown. It does not in any way mean restriction of movement.

“Our focus is to enforce in fuller measure, an earlier directive on markets. A drastic measure has become most desirable to empty our markets.

“Our duty is to decide on behalf of all to protect all from this rampaging COVID-19 pandemic”.

Donald Ojogo
Hon. Commissioner for Information and Orientation

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