ONDO: Apprehension as Missing Boy’s Mother collapses in Court while giving Evidence against Prophet Sotitobire

By: Oluwatosin Adesola

It was like watching nollywood movies when Mother of Gold Kolawole, the missing boy at Sotitobire miracle center, Akure, Modupe Kolawole yesterday collapsed inside Ondo State High court when she was giving evidence against Prophet Alfa Babatunde and five other members of the church.

The situation created apprehension and generated emotions from people inside the court, SUNSHINETRUTH can report reliably.

She was being cross-examined by defence counsels when the incident happened inside the court’s witness box.

SUNSHINETRUTH reports that this halted proceedings for some minutes as the court clerks came to her rescue while the prosecuting counsel calmed her down.

During the trial proper, Defence counsel while cross-examining modupe however faulted her statements with the police and DSS on the incident.

It’s the third day of hearing in the case of state versus prophet Alfa Babatunde of Sotitobire miracle center Akure on the mysterious disappearance of baby Gold Kolawole in his church in 10, November 2020 and the boy is still missing till today.

Mother of the missing boy Modupe Kolawole was the third principal witness to be examined and cross- examined on circumstances sorrounding Gold’s whereabouts.

While under examination by the Director of public prosecution (DPP), Mrs Grace Olowoporoku, Modupe accused some senior police officers of shielding prophet Babatunde from arrest until the intervention of DSS while she had received many death threats.

While emphasising that her son got missing in the church and the authorities were nonchalant about it, Modupe who had earlier insisted on standing suddenly collapsed of the chair provided for her inside the witness box.

This disrupted proceedings for some minutes as court clerk came to her aid while the trial judge advised her to brace up as the court would be guided by evidence and not emotions.

After some minutes of break to enable Modupe put herself together, the court resumed to allow the defendants’ Counsels cross-examined Modupe.

During the cross examination, by the defence counsel, Olusola Oke, the Attorney General, Adekola Olawoye took over prosecution after an argument broke out on the adminisiblity of some video and documentary evidences.

The defence counsel including Akinyemi Omoware however maintained that testimonies of the principal witness-3 is at variance with her statement with the police and DSS as well as faulted her claims of the prophet’s alleged complicity in the incident.

After over 8 hours of proceedings, Justice Olusegun Odusola adjourned further hearing till the 6th April 2020 to enable the four remaining witnesses of the state give their testimonies.

As prophet Babatunde and his Co defendants were returned to Olokuta Prison, Akure in the heavy rains, his scores supporters outside expressed their solidarity as they remained in the sun and rain yesterday.

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