Ondo APC Celebrates Hypocrisy, Nepotism —says PDP



Our party wishes to respond to a statement credited to Mr. Steve Otaloro, the Director of Publicity of the APC in Ondo state in which he attempted to misinform citizens of the state.

For the records, the Peoples Democratic Party in Ondo state is not responsible for all chapters of the party across the federation, thus his infantile attempt to falsely place our party in bad light remains at best, a vindication of our constant claim that the APC remains a bad example in governance and leadership.

We have been at the forefront of the demand for accountability by this government which has been accused of funding their party through compulsory monetary demands from contractors in the state, deducting almost a billion naira monthly as security vote and a personal imprest to the governors office of over a hundred million naira!

These allegations have remained unanswered by the APC and has been proven true, with the ill celebrated show of financial embezzlement by the state chapter of the party.

The PDP wishes to inform citizens of our dear Ondo state of the need to keep asking questions and demanding accountability from those who have been vested with the custody of the peoples resources at all times.

We wish the APC best of luck in their failing attempt to hold together their tattered reputation, which has been accentuated by their willing descent into hypocrisy and the glorification of nepotism.

Our party remains resolute in our mission to ensure that Ondo state regains its true position in the committee of states and urge all citizens to remain unwavering in our commitment to reject this government at the polls in 2020.

Zadok Akintoye
Director of Media & Publicity, PDP Ondo State.

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