…They shed crocodile tears again.

By: Tunde Akinlabi, Ado-Ekiti.

William Shakespeare once wrote, When beggars die, there are no comets seen; The heavens themselves blaze forth the death of princes.

This allusion goes a long way to portray the current happenings in our national life as a country, which has hitherto become a global menu chew and digested on citizens’ table. The death of Mrs. Olufunke Olakunri, this death would have been averted, had it been our leaders have applied pragmmatic approaches to the state of insecurity bedeviling the Nation few years back.

Negligence, laxity and heedlessness have become the major preoccupation of Nigeria leaders, when it comes to security of lives and property of her citizens. While some others have fed satisfied and got themselves enriched in the name of strengthening security architecture of the nation.

The phrase crocodile tears derives from an ancient belief that crocodiles shed tears while consuming their prey, and as such is present in modern day Nigeria, as our leaders will pretend, unconcern till the worst happens. Then the next is condolence visit and shedding of crocodile tears. Do they need to pretend? The answer is Capital NO!

Though, it has come, but refused to go away from our memories, how the two billion dollars arm procurement deal were squandered on frivolous political campaigns and the second term bid of the former President Goodluck Jonathan.

The illegal deal was revealed following an interim report of the presidential investigations committee on arms procurement under the Goodluck Jonathan administration. The committee report showed an extra-budgetary spending to the tune of 643.8 billion Naira and an additional spending of about $2.2 billion in the foreign currency component under the Goodluck Jonathan administration.

Had it been these fund were judiciously expended on the purpose which it wasl meant for, the defenceless troop fighting Bokoharam in the NorthEast would have done away with the obsolete weapons used to fight the insurgents, while on the contrary, the foes are well equipped with the sophisticated and modern day weapons.

One must also not fail to salute the gallantry, courage and resilience of Nigeria troops in the NorthEast fighting the insurgents and bent to restore peace and sanity to our father land with the weapons adjudged to be countrified, provincial and uncultivated.

Now that Olufunke Olakunri is the latest victim of the banditry and insecurity hung up in our lands, the home of her aged father, who is also a leader of Pan Yoruba socio-cultural group, the Afenifere has become a Mecca of sort, as political and religious leaders thronged the Akure home of the bereaved patriarch for condolences daily. This seemed medicine after death, as no amount of visitations can revive the soul of our dear Olufunke.

Why on earth our leaders could not as a matter of urgency find a lasting solution to the lingering crisis of herders farmers clashes which seemed to have snowball into kidnapping, killing maiming and shedding the innocent blood of the citizens? But preferred condolences to a condition which could have been ameliorated or averted? Oh God! Your understanding.

Here comes the current predicament of Abidemi ALUKO, a Nigerian, an Ekiti indigene who has also paid her dues to the national development through her dexterity in sporting activities.

The former Under-20 National Team, Falconets Goalkeeper was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017 (stage 3) and underwent surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, but recently, feeling severe pains in her body and Doctors have asked her to go for a test called Immune chemistry history.

The result came out 90% tumour cells , which means the type of breast cancer she has is aggressive and needed urgent attention.

“The doctor recommended that I would take ten dose of Herceptin treatment and each will cost about 470,000 Naira”

“To survive this difficult period, I will need at least 5 million Naira for the whole drugs as I will be taking them every two weeks” .

Nigerian leaders, especially political office holders both at the National and state levels especially Ekiti state must not wait till Abidemi ALUKO looses battle to breast cancer, which all the people around her, families, friends and associates have been praying, seeking the face of the most high God tremendously to send a benevolent individuals, corporate bodies who will come to her rescue from her present health challenges.

Our leaders must remember that Abidemi ALUKO, a 26 years old Nigerian goalkeeper has represented this nation at various levels, thereby put smiles on the faces of both old and young in this country. Why don’t we make this time, a payback time for Abidemi ALUKO through our donations in whatever ways to ensure she survived this illness? Let’s remember there’s no medicine after death.

The Crocodile tears, insincere display of emotion such as a hypocrite crying, fake tears of grief of some of our leaders when burble burst is not our expectation in this regard, as they must act now, when Bidemi ALUKO earnestly needed their help.

While appreciating those that have taken the bulls by the horns to salvage the situation, Our leaders must once again be reminded to act fast, do the needful as the task ahead is enormous to bring Bidemi ALUKO back to her normal life.

Her GTB Account details still remain 0107215173; Account Name: Bidemi ALUKO while her telephone number is: 08037525674 Let’s rise to the occasion, no amount is small. Posterity will judge us right for doing good to our fellow compatriot.

Written by: A Journalist, Akinlabi Tunde.


The Ekiti born former Rivers Angels goalkeeper Bidemi Aluko has opened up on her secret cancer battle which she has been battling with since 2017.

The 26-year old learned that she had a rare breast cancer two years ago while still playing for her team in the NWPL and underwent emergency six-hour surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, but recently started feeling severe pains in her body.

“It’s been difficult I must confess and it only got me closer to God and made me value life more and all I want is just to survive and give God all the glory.”, Bidemi said.

The former Falconets goalkeeper took to social media some weeks back to reveal the shocking news as she uploaded some revelations on Facebook, where she solicited for funds from well-meaning Nigerians.

“I was diagnosed of breast cancer in 2017 (stage 3) and underwent surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, but recently, I was feeling severe pains in my body and my doctor asked me to go for a test called Immune chemistry history.

“The result came out 90% tumour cells , which means the type of breast cancer I have is aggressive and needs urgent attention.

“The doctor recommended that I would take ten doses of Herceptin treatment and each will cost about N470,000

“To survive this difficult period, I will need at least N5 million Naira for the whole drugs as I will be taking them every two weeks.

“I beg for supports from all well-meaning Nigerians, as we all know five million naira is a whole lot of money and my life is at stake. I do not wish to come publicly to solicit for funds, it’s difficult for me but I have no other choice than to announce it on the social media. I really need help.”, She concluded.

Rivers Angels also issued a statement in support of their former player, posting: “The thoughts of everyone at Rivers Angels Football Club are with Abidemi Aluko after the player revealed she’s undergoing treatment for breast cancer reoccurrence.

Account Number: Aluko Bidemi, 0107215173, Guaranty Trust Bank PLC

Telephone Number: 08037525674

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